Botany of psychoactive mushrooms

Psilocybe mushrooms are:

Kingdom : Fungi
Phylum : Basidiomycota
Class : Agaricomycetes
Order : Stropharia
Family : Bolbitiaceae, Coprinaceae, Cortinariaceae, Pluteaceae,

* Basidiomycotina or -mycetes - Fungi that produce spores on stalks outside the terminal cells.
* Agaricales - mushrooms with cap & gills;

Commonly used species:

* Panaeolus: subbalteatus, tropicalis
* Psilocybe: baeocystis, caerulescens, cubensis, cyanescens, mexicana, pelliculosa, semilanceata, stuntzii
* Copelandia: cyanescens, cambodgeniensis

Uncommonly used species:

* Agrocybe farinacea
* Boletus: manicus, migroviolaceus, niggerimus, kumaeus, reayi
* Conocybe: cyanopus, kuehneriana, siligineoides, smithii
* Copelandia: anomala, bispora, cambodginiensis, cyanescens, tropicalis
* Galerina: steglichii
* Gymnopilus: aeruginosus, liquiritiae, luteus, purpuratus, spectabilis, validipes, viridans
* Inocybe: aeruginascens, coelestium, corydalna, haemacta, tricolor
* Panaeolina: foenisecii
* Panaeolus: acuminatus, antillarum, ater, cambodginiensis, campanulatus, chlorocystis, foenisecii, firmicola, olivaceus, papilionaceus, retirugis, separatus, tropicalis
* Pluteus: atricapillus, nigroviridis, salicinus

The following hallucinogenic species do no contain psilocin/psilocybin but ibotenic acid, muscimol and related compounds:

* Amanita citrine (syn A. mappa, A. citrina), Amanita muscaria, Amanita muscaria var formosa, pantherina, porphyria, Amanita muscaria var regalis, tomentella


Erowids Psilocybe mushroom FAQ


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