Honey Bee Extractor

This is the world's first pocket sized Honey Oil Extractor using the latest space age chemically resistant plastic. This is not made of PVC like the cheap imitations, knock offs or DIY / PVC pipe and fittings. Get the real thing, the original Honey Bee Extractor!

Now you can make the finest honey oil from your buds and left over dry bits using inexpensive and readily available butane gas. No big messes to clean up, dishwasher safe, no foul odours to deal with and there is no heat source needed. This is the simplest way to extract hash oil ever! This revolutionary new product easily and safely extracts the best oil from your product. You won't believe how easy it is to do.

Package includes 2 screens.

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Queen Bee Extractor

Also available: the Queen Bee Extractor. This new version allows you to extract up to 3 times more than the Honey Bee Extractor.

Note: Do not try this indoors. Read the instructions carefully.

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