Metal & wooden grinders

Very robust wooden or metal grinders with razor-sharp teeth, ready to tear up anything you throw in there. Please use this awesome destructive power responsibly.

= special

  • Azarius grinder metal

    Metal grinder (40mm) adorned with the beautiful Azarius logo.

    € 5,00
  • Grinder Cards

    The latest innovation in grinding technology. A grinder card is extreme lightweight and small - no bigger than a credit card. Available in various designs.

  • Grinder Dutch Passion

    This beautiful designed metal pollinator grinder features three compartments and a magnetic lid. With a two stage filtering system this grinder separates the pollen crystals by allowing them to fall through the fine metal screen.

    € 19,95
  • Grinder metal 3 parts

    This x-small metal grinder slits right into your pocket. The diamond-shaped teeth will grind your herbs to perfection.

    € 3,50
  • Grinder metal pollinator colored

    This beautiful colored metal pollen grinder has three compartments and a magnetic lid. As you grind your herbs the pollen is collected in the bottom compartment. Available in green, red, blue and black.

  • Grinder the Bulldog Engraved

    The original engraved grinder from The Bulldog. Metal 4 part Grinder with shark teeth.

    € 14,50
  • Grinder the Bulldog Swing

    The original Bulldog Swing Grinder. A 4-Part Grinder with a handle on top for the perfect swing.

    € 18,50
  • Quick Grinder V3

    The Quick Grinder V3 features a sophisticated emptying system, special closing joint and a smart positioning of the needles with different angles for better performance.

  • Wooden grinder Ninja Star

    Lightweight wooden grinder with metal pins. Shredding herbs or marijuana was never so easy.

    € 7,50
  • Wooden grinder with leaf

    Classic wooden grinder with metal pins to shred your herbs. Carved cannabis leaf on top.

  • Metal grinder classic 2 parts

    Rough, metal grinder with sharp teeth to shred your herb or marijuana. Magnetized on top and bottom. Available in 4 different sizes.

  • Metal pollinator grinder

    This robust metal grinder is one of the best there is. Iron pins, three compartments and a magnetic lid. Try it out.

  • Wooden grinder classic

    Beautiful classic wooden grinder with metal pins to shred your herbs or marijuana.

    € 3,75
  • Grinder cleaner for metal/plastic

    This Purilizer cleansing fluid is especially designed to remove accumulated resins from your metal or plastic grinder.

    € 5,50
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