Metal pipes

Azarius has a wide range of metallic smoking pipes in different sizes and colours. Despite what you may think, these pipes are lightweight and can be carried around in your pocket with ease. Most metal pipes feature a removable pipe head which makes cleaning them a piece of cake.

= special

  • Amazed

    You will be a'maze'd when you use this revolutionary smoking device. As the smoke passes through a 320mm long maze it's cleaned and cooled down, giving an amazing smoking experience.

  • Bud bomb

    The original Bud bomb is a metal pipe with a unique design. It's slender form allows the smoke to cool for the perfect hit. Easy to clean afterwards.

    € 39,50
  • Bul-it

    Bang! Bang! You're stoned!

    This revolutionary smoking device will blow you away. The Bul-it deluxe pipe is in the shape of bullet casing and incorporates an internal maze system that cleans and cools the smoke.

  • Dug out pipe basic

    The dug out pipe combines a stash compartment and a one-hitter pipe. The short pipe looks just like a cigarette providing a discreet way of taking a quick hit. It is spring-loaded, so it will pop out as soon as the covering has been pushed aside.

  • Dug out pipe classic

    The dug out pipe combines a stash compartment and a one-hitter pipe. The short pipe looks just like a cigarette providing a discreet way of taking a quick hit. It is spring-loaded, so it will pop out as soon as the covering has been pushed aside.

    € 4,50
  • King A'maze'd

    This is the kingsize version of Red-Eye's A'maze'd pipe, and indeed the King of smoking equipment. With a deeper maze-like smoke path, a bigger bowl and quality finish this is one of the best pipes available.

  • Pipe 6 Shooter

    Bang! Bang! You're ... high! Load up your shooter and empty all 6 chambers at once or share it with your friends. By simply twisting the cylindrical block you can load up the next chamber.

    € 24,50
  • Pipe brass deco

    Very cool looking and handy metal pipe with nice decoration. The pipe is detachable in several parts.

  • Pipe giftpack

    This set contains everything you need to enjoy a nice puff. The pipe comes with a handy screw-on lid to prevent ashes from spilling into your pocket. The perfect gift!

    € 6,50
  • Pipe metal Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, the city of canals, red lights and … These playful and handy metal pipes come from the best city in the world.

  • Pipe metal flashlight

    Let us light one up! To the untrained eye this pipe looks just like a pocket flashlight. Unscrew the flashlight’s head and connect it to the base to construct your pipe.

  • Pipe metal magnetic

    If James bond would smoke cannabis he would have loved this pipe. Several magnets define its clever design. You can load your herb beforehand and close the pipe so it can be stored it in your pocket - ready for usage.

  • Pipe metal skeleton

    Small, functional metal pipe with a distinctive look. The skeleton body provides a firm grip. Available in 3 colours: red, blue and green.

  • Pipe metal Surprise Surprise

    Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often, so if you feel addressed by this little comment we strongly advise that you help yourself to a little shock treatment from our stock...

    € 1,95
  • Pipe set The Bulldog

    Stylish metal pipe with full colour Bulldog logo, easy to disassemble. Pipe is approx. 5 cm in length. 5 screens included.

    € 3,50
  • Raswell

    The Raswell contains a 35 cm smoke path which acts like a heat sink, quickly cooling the smoke. The maze path then cleans and filters to deliver a hit that is from another galaxy!

  • Splif stik

    The Splif Stik delivers a smooth clean smoke through a 175mm 'maze' smoke path of cool solid aluminum. As the smoke passes through the Splif Stik, tar is collected in the maze path and the smoke is cooled giving you an altogether smoother smoke.

  • Twister

    Twister is a price friendly alternative designed with heat-extracting fins and a spring that will let fresh air get through while inhaling. Just twist the stainless steel spring as desired.

  • Pipe metal 2

    Very hip metal pipe with removable pipe head in a different colour. Available in blue, green, red, purple and black.

  • Pipe metal 14

    The ultimate party pipe! Lightweight and pocket-size. Easily carried along to any party or festival.

  • Pipe metal 15

    Multicoloured pipe for the pocket. Easy to detache. 2 chambers !Order in small, medium, large and x-large

  • Pipe metal 17

    Multicoloured pipe made from metal and acryl. Detachable pipehead. Availeable in blue, green, orange and yellow.

  • Pipe metal 18

    Small and handy pipe made from metal and acryl. Available in green orange and red.

  • Pipe metal 106

    Funny multicoloured glitter pipes with different colours and designs. Lightweight and practical. With removable pipe head.

  • Pipe metal 33

    This metal pipe has two detachable chambers, that allow you to adjust the length of the pipe. Available in various multi coloured combinations.

    € 6,75
  • Pipe metal 108

    Original and trendy. Nice metal pipe with glitters. The pipe is completely detachable.

  • Pipe metal 36

    Funny multi coloured pipes from metal and acryl. Totally detachable.

  • Magnetic pipe Creditcard

    A very special metal pipe in the size of credit card!

    € 22,50
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