The Lifestyle shop offers a variety of products that help you on your way to a better health and a life filled with fun. We offer nutritional supplements, high quality vitamins, drug testing kits, festival gear and an extensive library of books.

  • Books


    Knowledge is power! We have an extensive library with over 100 titles (in... More

  • T-Shirts


    What to wear? Take a look at the T-Shirts below, you'll surely find something... More

  • Festival gear

    Festival gear

    Azarius Festival Gear has all the basic necessities for surviving big... More

  • Supplements


    Various supplements to improve relaxation and mood. More

  • Vitamins


    Supplements of the most essential vitamins. More

  • Weight-Loss


    A large variety of herbal weight-loss formulas, including the famous Stackers. More

  • After Party

    After Party

    Products to help your body and mind recover after intensive partying. More

  • Drugs tests EZ Test

    Drugs tests EZ Test

    Easy-to-use drug testing kits that will detect one or more harmful substances... More

  • Coffee & Tea

    Coffee & Tea

    Ah, the world's most popular psychoactive drug: caffeine! Who doesn't jump... More

  • Fun Stuff

    Fun Stuff

    Posters, games, keyrings, hemp accessoires and pens. More

  • Hemp products

    Hemp products

    A wide range of products made with or from hemp. Ranging from candy and... More

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