Tripping without impulses from the outside. Experience the essence of tripping by staring out into infinity. You will be able to discover what is in the deepest depths of your mind. This Mindfold set was created by visionary artist Alex Grey. It is impervious to light, even direct sunlight.

The mask has a flexible black plastic face plate backed with a high-density soft foam padding with cut-outs, that allow you to experience total darkness even with your eyes open! Mindtravelling guaranteed!

The adjustable head strap allows you to fit the Mindfold mask comfortabely to your face. Includes a set of earplugs.

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  • Schizzy Izzy


    Strap can be adjusted to head size, blocks out ALL light if adjusted properly and the cushions to protect your eyes/face are made from the same foam used for headphones. For the literal purpose of allowing you to see full darkness without closing your eyes, it's perfect.

    The flaw in the Mindfold is in its elastic strap. Having adjusted the strap, you can still experience discomfort from its pressure on your head. This makes the mask less than favorable for longer periods of wearing it (Can you imagine the strap marks on your head after sleeping with it?) and it tends to ruin any attempts at meditating.

  • Serthagon


    Hab sie aufgesetzt. Erst war garnichts, ich dachte mir nur "was für ein mist". Nach einiger Zeit kamen aber wirklich kleine geistreisen.
    Zum schlafen bzw. reisen auch super geeignet.
    Gute idee!

  • spatial galactician


    subspace never felt dirtier.

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