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It's quite simply a miracle that this guy isn't worldfamous yet. Think of Mr. Scruff, DJ Shadow, Thievery Corporation, The Herbaliser. Think of funky breakbeats, samples from movies. Think of cool, warm, serious and hilarious. Think of... Ugress.

Humble as he is, on his website Ugress has been releasing full length full quality mp3s of his music for years. Besides selling his latest album, Cowboy Desperado, we also offer you his own selection of tunes you can get for free.

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Descriptions by Ugress

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01 - Manhattan Sapphire (3:39) Web Edit Hi / Lo / Full
Superfunky weekend adventures in the East

02 - Spider Eyes (4:26) Spiderman Theme Hi / Lo / Full
Italian crime-detective version of Spiderman Theme

03 - Makina Fifth (4:06) feat. Therese Vadem Hi / Lo / Full
Commodore 64 discotronics

04 - Decepticons (5:19) feat. Therese Vadem Hi / Lo / Full
Spooky triphop story of mighty Decepticons

05 - Battle 22 (4:27) Hi / Lo / Full
Dark and bio-industrial cinematics

06 - Swing E Sesso (4:12) Remix Hi / Lo / Full
Remake of a cinemagroovy lounge theme

07 - Queen Of Darkness (6:05) feat. Therese Vadem Hi / Lo / Full
Agent 00U theme

08 - Coffee (4:05) Hi / Lo / Full
Electronic celebration of what every morning needs

09 - Monochromatic World (5:09) Hi / Lo / Full
A spooky trip to the Planet Of Bizarre Beats

10 - Out (4:32) Hi / Lo / Full
Oldskool breaks and oldskool samples

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  • gcg


    thank you so much for sharing! loved it!

  • NOAK


    love this funky shit

  • manu (i)


    extrem geile chill out mugge.auf jeder kleiner kifferparty DER Renner.

    vielen dank azarius die es uns ermöglich diese wunderschönen tracks,kostenlos downzuloaden.


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