Reviews for Ganja Rock - Candy

  • Nikolajsen


    5/5 stars! This candy kicks ass! Really tastes like cannabis! A lot! Either you hate it or you love it ;)

  • QCmonkeyboy


    Realy nice product. sweet taste. My trick is to eat a big popsicle to get my tongue freezed realy taste weed. after.

  • Jeroen


    Really tasty candy :) very nice if you just smoked some weed ;) and just great for anywhere you are, I allways have some in my jacket so I can get a nice enjoyable candy whenever I feel like it.

  • Lemmiwinks


    Tastes like cannabis alot :p its very sweet and surprisingly good tasting

Ganja Rock - Candy

Tasty chronic flavour candy. These colorful novelty sweets contain genuine hemp oil flavouring for a totally unique hemp taste experience.

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