Multivitamin Complex

This Multi Vitamins Complex is a food supplement produced with great care, and meant for people with a busy and active lifestyle. By taking Multi Vitamins Complex you get all the essential vitamins and minerals in an optimal dosage. When you ask a lot from your body, for example by exercising, smoking or stress-like conditions, Multi Vitamin Complex gives you the extra strength you need.

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Take 1 tablet daily at breakfast. Under severe physical strain, take 1 extra tablet at lunch and/or dinner.


Vitamin A400 mcgPABA10 mg
Beta Carotine9 mgVitamin P20 mg
Vitamin D32 mcgCalcium20 mg
Vitamin E100 I.E.Magnesium100 mg
Vitamin C200 mgKalium15 mg
Vitamin B120 mgZinc20 mg
Vitamin B215 mgMangan4 mg
Vitamin B36 mgSelenium50 mcg
Vitamin B5100 mgChromium100 mcg
Vitamin B620 mgIron2 mg
Vitamin B12100 mcgIodine150 mcg
Folium acid200 mcgCopper150 mcg
Choline20 mgMolybdenum8 mcg
Biotine40 mcgBorium300 mcg
Inositol15 mgVanadium50 mcg

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