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  • Mushroom Grow Kit 'Easy' Ecuador

    Mike said: 2014-04-18

    The shipment arrived on time and the package was perfect, congratulations to Azarius for this. Unfortunately, after 4 weeks has not colonized and is not contaminated. As described in the instructions after the injection of the spores, I placed everything in a dark place with a temperature of 28° but nothing happened till now. Maybe I was unlucky, I was hoping to have the mushrooms and instead I have nothing.

    [ Azarius: Hi Mike, please contact us with your order number and if possible a photo of the grow kit in its current state. ]

  • Erlenmeyer flask

    Barnabey said: 2014-04-13

    Perfecto !

    Recommended to make agar preparations and liquid cultures.
    (Fill the top with polyfill and cover with tinfoil before pressure cooking)

  • Scale On Balance - Elite DE-100 (100 x 0.01 g)

    Barnabey said: 2014-04-13

    Very good product and price.

    I've been using it since a while now.
    It stays calibrated and work very well, just take care of it as this isn't a bionic scale from the future.

    I see a lot of people putting whatever they want to weight directly on the plate... Don't do that, you'll end up putting powder all over (and under) your scale resulting in problems.. I always use something like a light plastic cup, and TARE it, then put whatever I need to weight in it !

    PS : Whatever scale you buy, get a 1g and a 100g weight to calibrate it. It takes a 100G to calibrate, and I like to have a 1G to see how well does the calibration work ! And it works perfect.

    Pour les français : N'hésitez pas :)

  • Autoflowering Mix (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    disappointed said: 2014-04-08

    The pack Azarius sent doesn't contain the same seeds as the description. The description seems to be the old pack check RQS for the real one. Real bad if you looked up the strains you wanted as ppl do.

    [ Azarius: You're right, this product description was unfortunately outdated. We will update this page to show the correct contents as soon as possible. Please contact Customer Service with your order number so we can set this right for you. Very sorry for this mistake. ]

  • Kola nut (Cola nitida)

    Oscar said: 2014-04-08

    When I work on night week, usually I feel myself veeeeery tired, especially at 2:00 am. It's hard go until 6:00 am, this Kola nut (I take it half nut at 1:00) I stay wake up and active very good then without this kola nut.

    durante il turno di notte,solitamente mi sento molto assonnato, in particolare alle 2 di notte, ed è dura arrivare alle 6, ora grazie a questo prodotto (ne prendo meta noce grattugiata) rimango sveglio senza difficolta,ottimo prodotto, senza contare che è NATURALE

  • Libidofemme

    Suzy said: 2014-04-07

    Sure it's not the same as viagra is for men, but this stuff works for me. One of my girlfriends is testing it this weekend. Hope it does the magic trick. kiss and love

  • VapirRise

    Robert said: 2014-04-07

    Beyond expectations. Nice vape and easy to use and clean. And really good looking. Like a starship...

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