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The Psilocybe Azurescens mushroom spawn bag is actually an old Azarius product making a comeback. As the name implies it’s a bag of mycelium with which you can spawn a 50 x 50 x 15 cm garden of mushrooms. Psilocybe Azurescens is a real beauty, a potent source of tryptamine (they don’t call them ‘magic mushrooms’ for nothing) and an excellent for outdoor cultivation. And the good news, if you start now you’re just in the nick of time for the colonization season. After 4-6 months it’s possible to harvest large islands of mycelium to start new satellite beds. A harvest of 1 kilogram of fresh mushrooms per year is quite common. (Your neighbours won’t have a clue that they’re magic).

Is the spawn bag the best thing since sliced bread? Well, there are a few downsides. It’s not a ‘Ready-to-Grow’ kit, meaning there’s a fair bit of effort involved on your part, not to mention a healthy dose of patience. But good things come to those who wait, so if you’re the kind of psychonaut who loves nothing better than growing your own, you’ll definitely get your kicks out of this one. Don’t be flabbergasted by the detailed manual and above all have fun!

More information

Psilocybe Azurescens Spawn bag - product page.

Psilocin and Psilocybin - Azarius encyclopaedia article.]]>
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<![CDATA[Psilocybine Psyche]]> http://azarius.net/news/573/Psilocybine_Psyche/
Researchers at The John Hopkins University School of Medicine have discovered some interesting things about personality in relation to psilocybine. The research entailed participants who would have 8 hour sessions two to five times with a resting period of minimally three weeks in between. The results showed that the participants whom were under the age of 30 would experience a difference within how they establish themselves in life. There was an increase in imagination and conscientiousness, the participant became more open-minded, they could think in a more abstract way and were more open in their contact with others. Once the age of 30 has been reached, chances of a significant change in personality are small.

Study leader Griffith, professor at the University, believes psilocybin may have therapeutic uses. He is currently studying whether the hallucinogen has a use in helping cancer patients handle the depression and anxiety that comes along with a diagnosis. Fortunately, the use of psychedelics and psychotherapy is becoming more and more acceptable (read: Albert Hoffman finally vindicated).

Read more:

Higher Perspective]]>
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<![CDATA[Azarius is closed on April 21st]]> http://azarius.net/news/471/Azarius_is_closed_on_April_21st/
On Monday April 21st we'll be hunting for chocolate eggs, hidden by chocolate bunnies. In other words: celebrating the second day of Easter (Dutch: Tweede Paasdag).

This means the Azarius HQ will be closed and unfortunately, due to this celebration, the banks are also closed which means we won't be able to process any payments until Tuesday 22nd April.

Order placed during the weekend will ship on Tuesday or Wednesday. As always, we'll do our best to minimize the shipping delay.

Happy Easter everyone!

-Team Azarius]]>
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<![CDATA[Albert Hofmann finally vindicated]]> http://azarius.net/news/572/Albert_Hofmann_finally_vindicated/
       “The advantages of LSD combined with psychotherapy seem to manifest themselves for a long period of time. Even though there is still ground to be covered in terms of scientifical reliability and validation, based on the reaction of the patients it could be said that this clinical research was a success. For the most part the patients expressed a preference towards having more than two LSD sessions for longer treatments. (…) Following a recent clinical research on psilocybin there seems to be a resurrection of a scientifical field which acknowledges the importance of psychedelics as an instrument for psychiatric research.”

And so, the wish of Albert Hofmann to include psychedelics in the psychotherapeutic field after 40 years of waiting seems to be coming true at last.

Now… was that so hard to admit?

Read more (dutch only):

Stichting Open: Hofmann’s wens komt uit
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<![CDATA[Nootropics - could Limitless become reality?]]> http://azarius.net/news/570/Nootropics_-_could_Limitless_become_reality/
Limitless is based on the book The Dark Fields from 2001, which describes a drug that boosts the human IQ level up to the 4 digits range. While it's highly unlikely we'll ever see this in the real world, there are definitely substances that greatly improve the cognitive functions of the brain.

For example Modafinil, a drug originally created to help people suffering from narcolepsy, but for healthy, non-sleep deprived individuals it means two days of enhanced concentration.

"A 2011 study points out that Modafinil decreases impulsive behaviour and enhances cognitive flexibility. There is evidence that cognitive improvement products like Modafinil enhance motivation and enjoyment from performing routine tasks." *

According to Dr. Barbara Sahakian, professor of clinical neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge, 16% of American students are currently using cognitive boosters. What if these drugs (whose long-term effects are not yet known) causes more people to feel pressured to keep up? Will this spread beyond schools and become common practices for businesses? Will our workforce be administered brain boosters?

Cognitive boosters are collectively called nootropics**. The requirements they must meet to be classified as such are the ability to improve learning, memory consolidation and memory, without side effects on the central nervous system and with low toxicity, even at very high doses. Household nootropics used today are caffeine (productivity) and fish oil (for mental health support), which combined provide an even better boost. Nootropics change the supply of neurochemicals, enzymes and hormones in your brain. For example, Piracetam ensures that the plasticity of synapses in the brain is increased and helps your memory.

There has been a lot of talk on Modafinil on forums and although most people are positive, there are a number of individuals who wished they had never taken it, so beware. In case you want to try something a bit less radical, you can experiment with our own Brain-E, part of the Happy Caps range (we'd love to hear your thoughts), which contains several amino acids that enhance focus and concentration.]]>
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<![CDATA[Victory for Italy!]]> http://azarius.net/news/568/Victory_for_Italy/
The Italian government had to resort to drastic measures because last year the European Court ordered them to reduce the amount of inmates in prisons within one year, due to the violation of human rights. The prisons could on average hold around 48.000 detainees, but in reality they were stuffed with 62.000 people. About 20.000 people were detained on account of possession or dealing in marijuana, and so by releasing just these people from the prisons they fulfilled the demands of the court.

Some people classified as dealers were looking at a 20 year sentence because up until now marijuana was listed as a Schedule I drug, hand in hand with heroin. Cocaine and methamphetamine are classified as a Schedule II, which clearly depicts how crooked these measures and measurements can be that are enforced by law .

The change in policy is already effective, however, it has not yet been replaced with a new regulation. The alternatives for the law that are currently being taken into consideration are either allowing for personal cultivation of plants or allowing medicinal use of marijuana. Since we’re still talking about Italy it’s difficult to imagine that either will actually come to be effected, but at least for now possession is decriminalized, and for the rest we'll keep you posted.
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<![CDATA[Oh deer, tripping hard!]]> http://azarius.net/news/569/Oh_deer_tripping_hard/ Researchers have found that drenching flies into various toxins, having them eaten by spiders and leaning back to discover the results, actually works better to determine toxicity levels of drugs than most other methods. By examining how different drugs influence the patterns of the spider webs, they could observe how orderly the brain functions during the inebriation. During this it was discovered that low doses of LSD essentially result in more ordered spider webs, while higher doses (and all doses of other drugs) result in more disordered webs.

But this is not all to be learned from animals intoxicated. Apparently the whole thing was their idea to begin with. Psychedelic plants are thought to be psychedelic as a defence mechanism, however, fungi evolved six hundred million years ago around the same time as plant-eating animals. It could be thought that they have the purpose of introducing consciousness... (we hinted to this idea before in another article)

Everywhere you look in the animal kingdom you can find them intoxicated. The phrase ‘to be buzzed’ could well come from bees stoned on orchid nectar. Goats are known to gobble down shroomies, mandrills will go as far as purposefully ingesting Iboga roots and elephants will stick their trunk into just about anything that’s fermented. So prevalent is this behaviour that researchers now believe that there is a "universal drive for mind altering substances".

But wait, there is more...
Apparently the reindeer called shaman, whom inhabit the Russian steppe –and from which the word shaman derives-, have shown a particular fondness to the Amanita mushroom. We could go as far as to say that the Amanita looks like a small, chubby, bearded man in a red suit (especially when you’ve been eating what they have) and that flying reindeer and pine trees are all connected in a way we wouldn't have imagined.

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<![CDATA[Coffeeshop policy: Not Without a Fight!]]> http://azarius.net/news/567/Coffeeshop_policy__Not_Without_a_Fight/ As of the first of January 2014 a new law has been enforced in The Netherlands which determines that the distance between high schools and coffeeshops should be 350 meters. Especially for big cities this has great consequences.

Former party leader of CDA, Michael Veling, and current owner of coffeeshop 420, courageously wants to prevent this by trying to buy out a school in the centre of Amsterdam, which would otherwise cause 11 shops to close down just by being in the periphery. The school is certainly taking the offer into consideration.

For the moment the shops are still allowed to stay open, but only after 18:00 when the schools are out. This would result in a slow bankruptcy for all involved. Meanwhile the court is reminding them that they should be grateful! After all... they had already announced it...

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<![CDATA[Medicinal use of vaporizers]]> http://azarius.net/news/566/Medicinal_use_of_vaporizers/
The temperature at which you set your vaporizer is of big influence to the effects that you can get from it. There are a huge amount of active compounds in cannabis with different effects, which need different temperatures to become effective. Soft Secrets already wrote an article about this years ago, but there are many requests for this information, which is why we've written down the six most prominent compounds, their individual effects and the temperature they need.


Temperature: 157 °C
Effect: Gives the smoker a classic "high" effect.
Medical: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-emetic (agent against nausea) and euphoriant.

CBD (cannabidinol)

Temperature: 160-180 °C
Effect: Provides a mental sense of well-being and ease.
Medical: Anxiolytic, analgesic, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antispasmodic.

CBN (cannabinol)

Temperature: 185 °C
Effect: A complex compound which acts as an Oxidization Breakdown Product
Medical: Sedative and antibiotic.

CBC (cannabichrome)

Temperature: 220 °C (beware, in many vaporizers this could lead to combustion because the chamber will become too hot.)
Effect: Collaborates with THC to increase euphoria. It has a strong resemblance to CBD.
Medical: Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antifungal

CBG (cannabigerol)

Temperature: 220 °C
Effect: The first cannabinoid to be produced by the cannabisplant. It is mostly sleep-inducing, but not psychoactive.
Medical: Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antifungal and hypotensive.

THCV (tetrahydro-cannabivarin)

Temperature: 220 °C
Effect: Influences the speed at which the effect kicks in. Mostly African and Asian strains will have a higher THCV value. The smell that is released during consumption is correlated to this.
Medical: Analgesic and euphoriant.

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<![CDATA[What's your (personality's) drug of choice?]]> http://azarius.net/news/565/Whats_your_personalitys_drug_of_choice/ bad trip!

There are various ways in which our personality can be classified. The most well-known of these classifications is the introversion-extroversion spectrum.

An introverted person is primarily occupied with his inner life (thoughts, dreams, theories and so on). Because he's receiving ample stimulation from within, he's not that interested in stimulation from without. Therefore he's quite satisfied smoking a joint in his room, listening to some psychill and contemplating the meaning of life. It is likely that some of you reading this fall in this category.

The extroverted person, however, is more focused on his outer life (friends, relationships and so on). He receives his stimulation from outside, and actively seeks out the company of other people. The extroverted person is therefore more inclined to go to a bar or night club and interact with others. Naturally, he tends to prefer social drugs like alcohol and stimulants.

Psychologist Carl Jung explained that the introverted and extroverted personalities can be divided further on the basis of the way they make sense of the world. One of these divisions is sensing versus intuition. The sensing type gathers information about the world through direct sensory perception. He prefers perceptions that are tangible and concrete, in other words things that he can perceive with his five senses: "facts".

The intuitive person, however, has a preference for information that is abstract and theoretical, and that can be associated with other information. The intuitive person easily recognizes patterns and has a tendency to "connect the dots". He may have flashes of insight and can come up with very interesting theories. Naturally, the intuitive person will feel much more comfortable with the effects of psychedelics like magic mushrooms or truffles than the sensing type will be.

And then there is the division between thinking and feeling. Those with a dominant thinking function tend to make decisions on the basis of reason and logic.
Those with a dominant feeling function make decisions by empathizing with the situation, considering the needs of the people involved.

The thinking person can be a great philosopher, while the feeling type is more inclined to "follow his heart". If you are a thinking person, you might prefer to read a philosophical text prior to your trip, whereas if you are a feeling type, you might prefer the empathogen MDMA (Ecstasy).

Now, it should be remembered that these are general tendencies, not black and white divisions. The thinking type certainly has feelings, and the feeling type is not incapable of deep thought. But there is generally a preference for one or the other.

Knowing your personality type can be very useful in understanding yourself and making choices that are in accordance with that type. For example, the fact that all your friends enjoy going to a psy party or festival doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you if you don't. It simply means you naturally prefer circumstances (and perhaps even friends) that are more in accordance with your personality type. This kind of information could even help you prevent a bad trip: by knowing what setting is most comfortable and enjoyable to YOU, you can avoid ending up in a situation that makes you feel anxious. For example, an extroverted, sensing, feeling type may very well enjoy a shamanic group ceremony, whereas an introverted, intuitive, thinking type would be much happier eating some mushrooms at home with one or two trusted friends, or in a quiet forest. We're all unique individuals, with unique tastes and preferences!

If you're interested in knowing your personality type, here's a useful free test:

Jung MBTI Typology Test

If you've done the test, let us know your type in the comment section below. And if you like: add your favourite drugs and your preferred setting.]]>
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