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Barney's Farm Seeds

The cannabis strains offered by Barney's Farm have won many Cannabis Cups throughout the years. Barney's is located in Amsterdam.

The following strains are available in our offline Azarius shop in the Kerkstraat, Amsterdam: Critical Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Vanilla Kush, L.S.D, Sweet Tooth AUTO, Liberty Haze, Blue Cheese and Amnesia Lemon.

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  • 8 Ball Kush (Barney's Farm) feminized

    From the Afghani/Pakistani mountain regions. 8-Ball is the result of many years of selective inbreeding.

    € 31,00
  • Acapulco Gold (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Thanks to recent advances in marijuana genetics pioneered by Barney's Farm, the quality of the Acapulco Gold goes beyond the often rhapsodized smoke of days past.

    € 34,00
  • Amnesia Lemon (Barney's Farm) feminized

    The Skunk #1 pheno crossed with Barney's Farm's award winning Amnesia haze was always going to be a winner.

    € 37,00
  • Blue Cheese (Barney's Farm) feminized

    The famous Skunk #1 “Cheese” pheno bred through the original Blueberry line.

    € 36,00
  • Blue Mammoth Autoflowering (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Blue Mammoth is without a doubt a most interesting exotic plant. It is easy to grow, and loves the sun.

    € 29,00
  • CBD Blue Shark (Barney's Farm) feminized

    With CBD content of 6,5% and 6.5% THC, Blue Shark is not only an Indica-dominant flavor explosion, the extremely high CBD level means both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties have been increased significantly.

    € 37,50
  • CBD Critical Cure (Barney's Farm) feminized

    By crossing Critical Kush with the pure CBD mother plant –Barney’s Farm and CBD Crew have created Critical Cure. This new variety has exceptionally high CBD levels with an intense and earthy profile, and an added hint of sweetness.

    € 37,50
  • Chronic Thunder (Barney's Farm) feminized

    A wonderful blend of genetics resulting in an Indica-dominant hybrid that produces a relaxing satisfied high, with a beautifully uniquely tart fragrance and flavor.

    € 29,00
  • Crimea Blue (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Cannabis Cup Winner 2007. A strong indica / sativa strain based on a fast flowering short stature Ukrainian hash plant crossed with Blueberry.

    € 29,00
  • Critical Kush (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Developed by the Barney’s Farm team, Critical Kush is an unusual blend of fine genetics; the famous Critical Mass with OG Kush. This is a powerful and extremely vigorous Indica plant, yielding huge amounts of beautiful stoney kush.

    € 38,00
  • Critical Rapido Auto (Barney's Farm) feminized

    With Critical Rapido Barney’s Farm have developed a most potent auto-flowering version of the Critical Mass strain that will commence flowering within 20 days of planting and finishes in as little as 8-9 weeks.

    € 31,00
  • Dr Grinspoon (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Named in honor of the brilliant cannabis advocate, researcher and author Dr. Lester Grinspoon, this is a pure heirloom Sativa.

    € 39,00
  • G13 Haze (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Cannabis Cup 2006 & 2007. The G13 legend lives on with this remarkable G13 cross developed from the world famous G13 and our favourite Hawaiian Sativa.

    € 41,00
  • Grape Ape (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Fast flowering and very robust plant that grows to short with a bushy stature. Grape Ape is a highly adaptable plant, and will thrive in most conditions.

    This product is out of stock.

  • Grape Muerto AUTO (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Grape Muerto is perfectly easy to grow and develops into a short mature plant

    € 24,00
  • Honey B (Barney's Farm) feminized

    The best Sativa’s are worth waiting for, and Honey B is no exception. The longer flowering time allows the buds to fill out and mature fully.

    € 32,00
  • L.S.D. (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Indica Cup Winner 2008. An old Skunk variety crossed with Mazar. - Called LSD by the Farm crew because of its powerful trippy effect.

    € 38,00
  • Laughing Buddha (Barney'sFarm) feminized

    Cannabis Cup 2003. Its long flowering period develops an intense spacey high with a distinct powerfully sweet and spicy aroma.

    € 38,00
  • Liberty Haze (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Liberty Haze is a medium tall plant with substantial girth and big fat calyxes, she performs excellently in both indoor and outdoor environments.

    € 39,00
  • Little Cheese (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Little Cheese is not only exceptionally aromatic and flavourful; it also offers the best autoflowering results.

    € 28,00
  • Malana Bomb autoflowering (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Malano Bomb is a wonderful autoflowering charas hash plant. The plant grows medium short, giving fat cola's, bringing the delicious taste of Malana to your garden.

    € 29,00
  • Morning Glory (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Cannabis Cup 2002. This sativa/indica mix is a cross between truebreeding Hawaiian Sativa X Afghani X Skunk.

    € 38,00
  • Night Shade (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Cannabis Cup 2006. A wonderful blend from the Himalaya’s. Mostly Indica - Night Shade grows short and fat, giving huge buds.

    € 37,00
  • Peppermint Kush (Barney's Farm) feminized

    We are excited to introduce from Barney’s Farm, this dynamic and exotic new hybrid. Crossing the famous Stella Blue with our spicy Nepali Indica results in a truly beautiful experience.

    € 27,00
  • Phatt Fruity (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Excellent blend of fine genetics. The origins of the parents stem from Afghanistan North India and Mexico.

    € 31,00
  • Pineapple Chunk (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Barney's Farm crossed the famous 'Barney’s' Pineapple with their Cheese/Skunk #1 with the intention of breeding in to this new variety the essence and flavor of these two delicious strains.

    € 34,00
  • Pineapple Express (Barney's Farm) femin.

    Like the original Pineapple Chunk, Its single, firm cola is flecked with gold and reddish brown, but the very visible THC crystals are clearly the result of contemporary breeding and selection.

    € 29,00
  • Red Cherry Berry (Barney's Farm) femin.

    Developed for Indica lovers who like a celebral high to go with that body stone. Barney's Farm's best skunk plant backcrossed with its Californian ancestors.

    € 30,00
  • Red Diesel (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Bred to increase weight and potency while keeping the distinctive Diesel taste. This plant will grow to medium height with strong side branches.

    € 39,00
  • Red Dragon (Barney's Farm) feminized

    The parentage of this line is exotic – a West Himalayan Kush crossed with a true breeding Brazilian sativa (Utopia Haze).

    € 37,00
  • Sin Tra Bajo AUTO (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Sin Tra Bajo as the name suggests, is outstanding for its effortless cultivation. For rookies and experienced growers, Sin Tra Bajo is an ideal auto-flowering variety. Developed from the vigorous Mazari crossed with the very reliable Lowrider #1.

    € 22,00
  • Sweet Tooth (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Multiple Cannabis Cup winner. Famous for its incredibly high THC content and big yield. Sweet Tooth is the result of a rigorous selection program.

    € 38,00
  • Sweet Tooth Auto (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Sweet Tooth Auto is a big-yielding autoflowering hybrid cross of our legendary Sweet Tooth and a Ruderalis/Indica - a must for all Indica lovers, not at least for its tremendous yield.

    This product is out of stock.

  • Tangelo Rapido AUTO (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Tangelo Rapido is sativa-dominant auto-flowering strain, offering tangy, intense sweet citrus aromas and flavors as well as effects that are at once cerebral and relaxing.

    € 24,00
  • Tangerine Dream (Barney's Farm) femin.

    Cannabis Cup Winner 2010. The exceptional crossing of G13 with Neville’s A5 Haze; Tangerine Dream is sativa-dominant strain offering tangy, intense sweet citrus aromas and flavors

    € 39,00
  • Top Dawg (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Indica Cup Winner 2007. The Mexican Sativa X Afghan. The plant has a distinct pineapple smell taste, yet the kush influence gives it an Indica depth to give a stone effect.

    € 31,00
  • Utopia Haze (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Friends in Brazil have been raving at Barney's Farm about a special strain of sativa cannabis - indigenous to Brazil. After much cajoling and hunting, Barney's Farm got their hands on seeds.

    € 39,00
  • Vanilla Kush (Barney's Farm) feminized

    Cannabis Cup Winner 2009. This incredible new Indica-dominant strain is one of the most fragrant, full-flavoured and potent Barney's Farm has ever offered.

    € 36,00
  • Violator Kush (Barney's Farm) feminized

    This heavy-producing indica-dominant plant grows short with big leaves, thick stems, and bushy growth.

    € 38,00
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