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Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem is a Spanish cannabis seeds bank which has been established since 2002. Dinafem is specialized in feminized seeds and uses a special crash-proof package system.

Note: These seeds are not available in the Azarius store in Amsterdam, but if you call us a few days ahead of time we can arrange to stock the desired seeds just for you. Click here for the contact details: Azarius shop.

= special

  • Blue Cheese (Dinafem) feminized

    Blue Cheese is an Indica with a powerful and relaxing effect with lots of resin, and a high production of about 500 grams per square meter indoors.

    € 20,00
  • Blue Cheese Autoflowering (Dinafem) feminized

    Blue Cheese autoflowering, besides its great taste, it´s very sticky and produces abundant resin.

    € 20,00
  • Blue Hash (Dinafem) feminized

    Blue Hash produces resinous and hard buds, with purple colors in cold conditions, smelling of fresh fruits and resin. It is a great producer outdoors, due to its size, and a good choice for high altitude mountain areas.

    € 27,00
  • Blue Thai (Dinafem) feminized

    Blue Thai is quite resistant to mold, because thanks to it´s quick flowering time it is less exposed to moisture, and also thanks to the genetics used in this hybrid, as they are quite resistant to mold themselves.

    € 24,00
  • Blue Widow (Dinafem) feminized

    The intense sweet & sour taste of White Widow and the forest berry aroma of Blueberry create a blend of fruity sweets that smells like chewing gum.

    € 25,00
  • California Hashplant (Dinafem) feminized

    This plant is a pure indica, the result of an endogamic cross made between 2 sister plants of the same genetic line. This is a good and fast producer making it a safe bet for outdoors.

    € 29,00
  • Cheese (Dinafem) feminized

    This variety has an intense, long-lasting and aromatically Indica taste of cheese, something similar to a strong, well-cured, vintage cheese, the type of cheese that makes your mouth water when you think of it.

    € 21,00
  • Cheese Automatic (Dinafem) feminized

    This new line has a strong Cheese flavor and the great production. In addition, the sweetness and production of Critical+ has been added due to the selection of the biggest, tastiest and most productive plants of each generation.

    € 18,00
  • Coleccionista no11 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 feminized marijuana seeds: 2 x White Widow, 2 x Cheese Auto, 2 x White Cheese Auto.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no12 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds: 2 Moby Dick Auto, 2 Haze 2.0 Auto, 2 Original Amnesia Auto.

    € 54,00
  • Critical + (Dinafem) feminized

    This plant won the 1st High Life Cup in Barcelona. The most interesting feature of this strain is without a doubt the intense aroma and taste that it produces; it smells like fruity skunk and is intense from start to finish.

    € 28,00
  • Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering (Dinafem) feminized

    The aroma of Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering has reached the point where it is so stinky like her mother, a smell that brings back the legendary Skunk garden, but in autoflowering form.

    € 25,00
  • Critical + Automatic (Dinafem) feminized

    Dinafem has managed to create a brand new autoflowering strain with an excellent aroma and taste, while maintaining a high genetic diversity that ensures an optimum resistance to pests and diseases.

    € 25,00
  • Critical Cheese Autoflowering (Dinafem) feminized

    Critical Cheese Autoflowering tastes sweet and intense, like her parents Critical + and Cheese. She has a very regular growth pattern, open structure and large internodes typical of Critical +.

    € 22,00
  • Critical Jack (Dinafem) feminized

    Critical Jack is very productive, even more than Critical+, an authentic flower producing machine. There is a clear increase in strength, in exchange for a few more days till flowering, and a noticeable increase in resistance against damp and fungus.

    € 23,00
  • Critical Jack Autoflowering (Dinafem) feminized

    Critical has become the most well-known and intensely cultivated variety of cannabis in Spain over the past years. Building on this success, Dinafem has crossed its Critical+ with the most productive Sativa in their catalogue...

    € 23,00
  • Critical Kush (Dinafem) feminized

    Critical Kush is extremely powerful, very productive, and its flavor is strong and very distinctive, sweet and fruity with hints of petrol and lemon.

    € 21,00
  • Deep Cheese (Dinafem) feminized

    This strain has conquered growers' hearts around the world, becoming in recent years one of the top-10 most popular strains worldwide.

    € 21,00
  • Diesel (Dinafem) feminized

    Diesel is easy to grow, moderately mold resistant in cool outdoor areas, and presents no fungus problems in Mediterranean areas; the plant is light green and does not grow very tall. Its excellent production makes it a great choice for outdoor gardens.

    € 20,00
  • Dinachem (Dinafem) feminized

    Dinachem is the latest version of the mythical elite clone ChemDog, in feminized seed form.

    € 27,00
  • Dinamex (Dinafem) feminized

    Dinamex is the flavor extremely intense, a sweet base of diesel and lemons, with hints of Sour Diesel.

    € 25,00
  • Fruit Automatic (Dinafem) feminized

    Dinafem decided to start a new automatic strain of Grapefruit that would allow you to enjoy a fruity taste in the middle of summer without complications. The result is an automatic strain that includes Grape genetics to achieve more flavour and production

    € 18,00
  • Haze 2.0 Automatic (Dinafem) feminized

    Haze 2.0 from Dinafem is very productive due to its dense structure, with short internodes that facilitate the production of flower clusters throughout the plant.

    € 23,00
  • Haze Automatic (Dinafem) feminized

    Dinafem has crossed plants selected from the Roadrunner strain with a JYD Haze, with the specific idea in mind of changing the characteristic taste of all the automatics.

    € 18,00
  • Industrial Plant (Dinafem) feminized

    High yield, low height, powerful and few leaves to clean - that’s what makes this variety a good example of quantity and quality. Pine wood aroma with hints of lemon and black pepper, powerful body and head high.

    € 30,00
  • Kush-N-Cheese (Dinafem)

    OG Kush and Cheese are the two most popular flavors in the U.S. and UK, and therefore the two bestseller strains in their respective countries (and other parts of the world too).

    € 21,00
  • Moby Dick #2 (Dinafem) feminized

    Crossing a JYD Haze mother plant with another non-dominant and highly productive indica plant of the Northern Lights strain, Dinafem has managed to preserve its sativa character in flavour and strength but obtaining a higher productivity at the same time.

    € 28,00
  • Moby Dick (Dinafem) feminized

    Moby Dick is Dinafem's most psychoactive strain with a concentration of up to 21% THC and the presence of THCV, a substance present in equatorial sativas produced in response to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

    € 33,00
  • Moby Dick autoflowering (Dinafem) feminized

    Dinafem´s most productive genetics, measured as grams per THC, already has an autoflowering sister, the Moby Dick autoflowering.

    € 25,00
  • Moby Hash (Dinafem) feminized

    Due to sativa dominance, its main features include fast growth, vigour in all kind of situations, mould resistance, pine taste, high strength and an active and strong effect. Moby Hash produces more than its sister plant Moby Dick.

    This product is out of stock.

  • OG Kush (Dinafem) feminized

    The Original Gangster Kush was created in California, near Los Angeles, in San Fernando Valley, after 3 generations of crossing and stabilization. It is the most popular strain in south California and it has become the #1 in the U.S.A.

    € 25,00
  • Original Amnesia (Dinafem) feminized

    Original Amnesia is a Dutch cannabis strain that has won several cups and has been a coffee shop favourite for years. Dinafem finally offers Original Amnesia in the form of feminized seeds. Very productive and has a powerful effect.

    € 26,00
  • Original Amnesia autoflowering (Dinafem) feminized

    Amnesia genetics are well known for its strong effects and high yielding and its auto sister lives up to fulfil the expectations, since it's effects are the most powerful of Dinafem's autoflowering strains

    € 22,00
  • Power Kush (Dinafem) feminized

    Power Kush flowers quickly, producing a harvest of buds covered in white and orange hairs, an abundance of resin and a sweet skunk smell with a light touch of orange and strawberry.

    € 21,00
  • Roadrunner #2 Automatic (Dinafem) feminized

    The genetic origins of Dinafem Roadrunner#2 are based on Dinafem's Roadrunner, which was repeatedly crossed with a very special stock of Joint Doctor’s Diesel Ryder.

    € 14,00
  • Roadrunner Automatica (Dinafem) feminized

    By crossing an automatic variety with their best parent, Dinafem #1, Dinafem has come up with this surprising variety. It’s capable of producing amazing buds in just 60 days, making it ideal for balcony, garden or guerilla growing in midsummer.

    € 13,00
  • Royale Haze (Dinafem) feminized

    Royale Haze High quality sativas produce clear psychoactive effects, without the feeling of sleepiness or tiredness.

    € 24,00
  • Santa Sativa (Dinafem) feminized

    Santa Sativa is extremely powerful. Predominant scents include wood and pine with a touch of spices, giving a strong smell after it has been cured; the THC level is very high, giving a strong and clear effect with a gentle somewhat physical comedown.

    € 23,00
  • Shark Attack (Dinafem) feminized

    Shark Attack does not grow very tall; the internodal distance is low making it easy to control the size. The buds are white with a very pungent smell and, when smoking it, the smoke is dense and pleasant.

    € 20,00
  • Super Silver (Dinafem) feminized

    The spicy scent, delightful taste of haze and an intense psychedelic effect are the main features of this strain; it also has great mold resistance and can reach a huge size if cultivated outdoors in good soil in a sunny environment.

    € 21,00
  • Sweet Deep Grapefruit (Dinafem) feminized

    Sweet Deep Grapefruit combines two genetic strains which are appreciated for their extremely sweet and fruity aroma: a strain of Blueberry and a clone selected from Grapefruit, a variety that is known for its fruity taste.

    € 20,00
  • White Cheese autoflowering (Dinafem) feminized

    The natural high dominance of the White Widow line has improved buds thickness, resin and stability. The final product is sweet, has an intense flavour and a powerful physical effect very appropriate for medicinal use.

    € 19,00
  • White Siberian (Dinafem) feminized

    White Siberian stands out thanks to its shiny coat of resin, its deliciously powerful sweet aroma -with a touch of Indica bitterness- and its equally powerful medicinal effects.

    € 20,00
  • White Widow (Dinafem) feminized

    White Widow is an indica-sativa hybrid with clear indica predominance, especially in the growing stage. Not very vigorous, it has many side branches making it easy to control indoors.

    € 25,00
  • White Widow autoflowering (Dinafem) feminized

    After two years of work, selecting only the best plants, Dinafem is now sure that this new White Widow autoflowering is stable and of greatest quality.

    € 22,00
  • Coleccionista no1 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 feminized seeds: 2 x Moby Dick, 2 x Power Kush, 2 x California Hashplant.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no10 Auto (Dinafem)

    A collection three superb Dinafem strains. Contains 2 seeds Critical Jack Automatic + 2 seeds Original Amnesia and 2 seeds OG Kush.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no2 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 feminized seeds: 2 x Blue Hash, 2 x Blue Widow, 2 x White Widow.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no3 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 feminized marijuana seeds: 2 x Shark Attack, 2 x Critical +, 2 x Moby Hash.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no4 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 feminized marijuana seeds: 2 x Royal Haze, 2 x Super Silver, 2 x Santa Sativa.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no5 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 feminized marijuana seeds: 2x Blue Fruit, 2 x Diesel, 2 x Industrial Plant.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no6 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 feminized marijuana seeds: 2 x Roadrunner, 2 x Cheese, 2 x White Siberian.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no7 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 feminized marijuana seeds: 2 x Roadrunner 2#, 2 x Moby Dick #2, 2 x Critical Jack.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no8 (Dinafem) feminized

    A collection of Dinafem seeds especially selected for lovers of variety. Contains 6 feminized marijuana seeds: 2 x Super Critical Haze, 2 x Cloud #9, 2 x Grapefruit.

    € 54,00
  • Coleccionista no9 Automatic (Dinafem)

    A collection of two superb Dinafem autoflowering strains. Contains 3 seeds Fruit Automatic + 3 seeds Haze Automatic.

    € 54,00
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