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DNA Genetics Seeds

DNA Genetics started out growing marijuana in the late 80's in their home town Hollywood, California. They would collect seeds from friends and family, obtaining rare cannabis seeds from the best weed they could get at the time. In 2002 they moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In the years to follow, their seeds would win several awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The following strains are available in our offline Azarius shop in the Kerkstraat, Amsterdam: 60 Day Lemon, 60 Day Wonder, Chocolope, Cannalope Kush and LA Confidential.

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  • 60 Day Lemon (DNA genetics) feminized

    The 60 Day Lemon autoflowering strain has a mouthwatering flavour and a super fast flowering time this strain is good for everyone, from the beginner to expert.

    € 55,00
  • 60 Day Wonder (DNA genetics) feminized

    The 60 Day Wonder will finish in any light cycle, including 24 hours of light, 60 days from seed! Great for the beginner grower and perfect for commercial growers who want to crop every 60 days inside or outside.

    € 55,00
  • C13 Haze (DNA Genetics)

    This girl is a strong one. A bit slower then the Cannalope to get going, finishing in about 11 weeks, but the pay-off is a heavy Haze with dense, dark buds.

    This product is out of stock.

  • Cannadential (DNA Genetics)

    Grows like Cannalope, tastes like L.A. Confidential. This plant is the perfect mix of Indica / Sativa. The male was selected for his growth patterns, like Cannalope. As a result: a heavy yield, a fruity smell with L.A. power!

    € 50,00
  • Cannalope Haze (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Cannalope Haze is renowned for its very melon and sweet smelling buds. This translates into a very nice taste and smoothness on both the inhale and exhale. She is a good yielder and an easy to grow plant that is a fast finisher.

    This product is out of stock.

  • Cannalope Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

    The Cannalope Kush has the power of the OG Kush with early flowering time and the high yields of the Cannalope Haze. This is a very strong sativa, that has The OG#18 flavor and a hint of fruit that stays on your pallet on the exhale.

    € 60,00
  • Cataract Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

    This is the combination of two known winners, LA Confidential and OG Kush. She finishes in 8 - 9 weeks and has blankets of crystals. Perfect combination of these two strains and the high is very strong!

    € 60,00
  • Chocolate Fondue (DNA Genetics) feminized

    The Chocolate Fondue is a heavy feeder and an easy pick for the beginner due to the ease of growing and the amazing results.

    € 70,00
  • Chocolope (DNA Genetics) feminized

    This plant grows BIG!!! If space issues are a problem you might want to try another strain. This Sativa dominated plant will take over. It is very fruity, then chocolate in taste.

    € 60,00
  • Chocolope Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Chocolope Kush is a combination of multiple Cannabis cup winning sativa Chocolope and DNA's indica dominant hybrid Kosher Kush.

    € 70,00
  • DNA Mix Pack (DNA genetics) feminized

    Current and future DNA and Reserva Privada projects offered as a mixed pack of seeds.

    € 60,00
  • Exodus Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

    The Exodus Kush is a cross that everyone has been asking for. Two unique flavors collide in this outstanding hybrid.

    € 70,00
  • Holy Grail Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

    The Holy Grail Kush is a very special new strain of cannabis seeds from DNA Genetics.

    € 70,00
  • Kosher Tangie (DNA Genetics) feminized

    With the scent of tangerines and the Dankness of Kosher Kush, the Kosher Tangie is like no other strain DNA has created.

    € 80,00
  • LA Confidential (DNA Genetics)

    DNA’s LA Confidential has won many awards including honors in the High Times Cannabis Cup Indica Category in 2004 & 2005, and 1st place 2004 IC420 Breeders Cup.

  • LA Woman (DNA Genetics) feminized

    The LA Woman is a match of two multi-award winning strains. The L.A. Woman flowers a week longer than the original L.A., but a week shorter than the Martian Mean Green, making it a well balanced cross time wise.

    € 60,00
  • Lemon OG Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

    This is the true Lemon OG Kush aka Presidential Kush made from scratch using the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk cut and crossing that to the The OG #18 cut.

    This product is out of stock.

  • Lemon Skunk (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Lemon Skunk is a cross hatch between two Skunks with phenotypes chosen for their zesty lemon characteristics. One of DNA's sweetest and tastiest strains!

    This product is out of stock.

  • Martian Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Another high quality strain from DNA Genetics is a combination of two of their cup winners!

    € 70,00
  • Martian Mean Green (DNA Genetics) femin.

    The Martian Mean Green is a combination of one of DNA’s flagship strains, Sharksbreath, and the 1988, G13 Haze.

    € 70,00
  • OG LA Affie (DNA Genetics) feminized

    This is the original LA Affie. A great medical strain as it relieves pain and helps eliminate insomnia. For the everyday user, the high of this herb is psychedelic and energetic with a hammer.

    € 70,00
  • Pure Afghan (DNA Genetics)

    The Pure Afghan is a 100% Indica landrace from the Mazari Sharif region. She is a short plant from the mountaineous region, resulting in her finishing early.

    € 16,00
  • ReCon (DNA Genetics) feminized

    The ReCon is a perfect blend of two parts LA and one part Cannalope. She is extremely frosty and her nugs are tastiest if they’re harvested between 8 and 9 weeks of flowering.

    This product is out of stock.

  • RockLock (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Rocklock Cannabis Seeds are the perfect mix of heavy Indicas, finishing in just 8 weeks. For anyone wanting big Indica yields of heavy medicinal head stash, this is the plant for you!

    € 40,00
  • Sharksbreath (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Highly potent and a connoisseurs delight, Sharksbreath Cannabis Seeds are easy to grow, producing an amazing flavour and smell. The short, stout, plant packs on frosty and very dense colas.

    € 40,00
  • Silver LA (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Silver LA is a big yielding, fast flowering, mostly sativa strain that produces super sticky flowers that have the LA scent with spicy hazy undertones of Silver Bubble.

    € 70,00
  • Sleestack (DNA Genetics) feminized

    With the flavour of the Martian Mean Green and the yields of the Shrom, Sleestack is the perfect mix of two legendary strains. Sleestack has high resin content that will make your concentration stand out.

    € 60,00
  • Sour Cream (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Sour Cream seeds are the best of both worlds with the classic Haze taste mixing with the high yield of Sour and G13.

    € 40,00
  • Sour Secret (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Sour Diesel grows fast in veg and needs a full 10 weeks and the LA Confidential is a notoriously slow vegging plant that has below average yields but finishes in 7-8 weeks.

    € 70,00
  • Stacked Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

    When it comes to resin the Sleestack kush tops the chart! Combining the 2x Legend of hash dinner champion Sleestack with the ever so popular OG kush to create this insanely crystaly and tastey champion of champions.

    € 60,00
  • Super Cannalope (DNA Genetics)

    The Super Cannalope (or Superlope) is the Cannalope alternative that definitely has the Haze element. This is for the gardener who prefers more haze in their fruity Cannalope.

    This product is out of stock.

  • Sweet Haze (DNA Genetics) feminized

    Sweet Haze will grow into tall plants, and has a classic haze flavour. Sweet Haze comes on strong in the end with a pungent sticky coat of crystals that will leave you in a Sweet Haze!

    € 40,00
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