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Reviews for AMS (Greenhouse) feminized

  • steve


    Greenhouse seeds are, in my experience, the absolute best, and these are no exception... bloody delicious weed with a kick to match !

    I'd like to see this strain crossed with Greenhouse Train Wreck !!

  • Bigbadsam


    Got 50 seeds quick all of them germinated but 4 died
    The setup is a sog and it is a pretty easy strain to grow since they stretch fast. So I reccomend this as a budget strain in a sog setup.
    If you are looking for maximum quality strain this is not the one for you. Commercial YES! Maximum quality NO!

  • Moritz


    only 3 germinated and one of it isn't growing further.

  • Dx


    Awesome ... all 5 germinated and they are looking realy strong ... cant wait to see them fruiting

  • alex


    alle 5 ontkiemt groeien al lekker
    nu maar afwwachten

AMS (Greenhouse) feminized

This mould resistant strain gives a clear and introspective high, and has a unique sweet taste. These seeds are feminized, which means all plants will be of the female gender.

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