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Royal Queen Seeds

After years of experience in the cannabis cultivation business, a team of Dutch growers started their own line of seeds: Royal Queen Seeds. They succeeded where many other growers failed - RQS has become very popular in a very short amount of time. Their aim is to provide you with quality feminized cannabis seeds for a good price.

Note: These seeds are not available in the Azarius store in Amsterdam, but if you call us a few days ahead of time we can arrange to stock the desired seeds just for you. Click here for the contact details: Azarius shop.

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  • Amnesia Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Amnesia Haze is a famous kind of cannabis, you find it in many coffee shops in the Netherlands. Amnesia means memory loss and that is the effect you can experience when you smoke the amnesia haze.

  • Amnesia Haze Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) fem.

    Amnesia Haze Automatic is the result of many years breeding. The original Amnesia, aka Amnesia Haze, Champagne Haze, The Bomb, Ultra Haze and many others names is classic Sativa strain, popular everywhere.

  • Autoflowering Mix (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Autoflowering mix pack by Royal Queen Seeds, containing the best autoflowering cannabis varieties from the RQS catalogue.

  • Blue Cheese (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Blue Cheese was created by crossing the world famous and much loved Cheese, originally from the UK, with the very tasty and equally famous Blueberry. This strain is packed with intense flavour and an intense effect.

  • Blue Mistic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Blue Mistic has its origins in California. It is a mostly indoor strain but will do well outdoors in most climates. The plant is mostly Indica and produces heavy buds with a shiny blue shade.

  • Bubble Kush (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    With Bubble Kush feminized seeds from Royal Queen Seeds, you’ll be able to produce some amazing plants that taste great and yield fantastic growth results.

  • Bubble Kush Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    This variety was bred to incorporate the best elements of these excellent strains to create a plant that is easy to grow and presents a fantastic product. This strain has a pleasantly sweet taste with subtly earthy undertones and a strong, positive high.

    This product is out of stock.

  • Bubblegum XL (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Bubblegum XL Is a fine example of the new school Amsterdam genetics. Though not as strong as some other varieties from Amsterdam, like Amnesia Haze.

  • Candy Kush Express Fast (Royal Queen Seeds) fem.

    Candy Kush Express (Fast Version) is unique even among Indica/Sativa hybrids: at 40 percent sativa and 60 percent Indica, this Kush strain is about as close to a true, evenly mixed hybrid that there is available.

  • Critical (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    The Critical Royal Queen seeds is a weed plant that stays small but has a nice yield. Critical is a type which is popular in Spain and has also won prizes there. Royal queen seeds has included critical in their assortment.

  • Dance World (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    An uplifting marijuana strain with great medicinal potential. Dance World is a cross of two different phenotypes of Dance Hall. Its genetics are a mix of mainly Mexican and Afghan crossed with the great medicinal strain Juanita la Lagrimosa.

  • Diesel Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Diesel Automatic offers the well-known and much-loved taste and aroma of the New York City Diesel while offering quicker harvests thanks to the autoflowering genetics gained from its Lowryder #2 parent.

  • Easy Bud (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    As the name implies, the Easy Bud from Royal Queen Seeds is an easy cannabis plant to grow. A very popular species from the Royal Queen autoflowering seeds collection.

  • Euphoria (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Euphoria is a superior blend of selective heredity between the popular cannabis strains of Royal Medic and Shark Shock.

  • Fruit Spirit (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Fruit Spirit is a hybrid F1 of Blueberry and White Widow. It has a strong aroma, flavour and colour. Intense taste of White Widow and the smell of berries Blueberry.

  • Haze Berry (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Haze Berry is much loved in California and many other medical marijuana states. It comes from a cross between the classic Blueberry and an uplifting Sativa-dominant Haze strain.

  • Ice (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Ice is a special cross of Afghan, Northern Lights, Skunk and Shiva. Ice is an excellent commercial strain due to the fact it remains short, harvests big and is very strong.

  • Indoor Mix (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    This Indoor Mix contains two of the finest indoor strains Royal Queen Seeds has to offer: Critical and White Widow.

    € 30,00
  • Kali Dog (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Kali Dog is a fine example of the strong genetics coming from growers in the USA. Though a Sativa dominant, there is strong influx of Indica traits from its great genetics; big dense buds, strong skunky odours, full-flavoured and heavy-hitting.

  • Medical Mass (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Medical Mass is a new hybrid of Critical and Medical Madre. It's a predominantly indica strain with a lot to recommend it, and a solid genetic background that combines some of the best traits of Royal Highness, Royal Medic, and Critical Mass.

  • Northern Light (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Northern Lights has a sweet taste and gives a physical feeling, comfortable stoned. Northern Lights is a well-known type of cannabis and a treasure from the past.

  • Northern Light Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) fem.

    With Northern Light Automatic, it's very easy to get a generous and quick crop. Due to her physical effect and easy growing she is a very good solution for medical users.

  • O.G. Kush (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    OG kush has quickly become known around the world for its distinct aroma and strong effects. OG Kush is a very unique strain that can’t be compared with any other marijuana strains.

  • Outdoor Mix (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Mix pack of the two most potent outdoor strains by Royal Queen: Royal Moby & Power Flower.

  • Painkiller XL (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Painkiller XL is notable for its near-equal representation of 6 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 7 percent cannabidiol (CBD), achieved by a seed that's 70 percent sativa and 30 percent indica.

  • Pineapple Kush (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Pineapple Kush may be a cross between two very popular strains, but the popularity it has amassed is as a result of the expert blending of those two strains.

  • Power Flower (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Power Flower is a highly popular commercial strain. Easy, quick and reliable. This variety is suitable for indoor and outdoor grows and does extremely well in good soil. Once planted in a hydroponics set-up, Power Flower will explode with buds.

  • Presidental O.G. (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Presidential O.G Is a fine example of the new school Kush genetics. Though not as strong as some other varieties of Kush, like our OG Kush. Her genetics are almost pure Indica, though the effect is a nicely balanced mix of stoned and high.

  • Quick One (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    The Quick One is a fast-growing cannabis plant. One of the species from the Royal Queen autoflowering collection.

  • Royal AK (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    This herb is of average height, causing it to be a suitable counterpart for miniature indoor plots on the assumption that you can rein in its overpowering, strong scent as it is notorious for its incredibly robust vigor and powerful diesel/ berry aroma.

  • Royal AK Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Royal AK Automatic is the very popular and classic strain AK47 now upgraded to a full autoflowering strain.

  • Royal Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    One of the first autoflowering plants by Royal Queen Seeds, the Royal Automatic is an instant classic.

  • Royal Bluematic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    A new autoflowering member of the blue family. Royal Bluematic is a cross of the ruderalis and a couple of strong, fruity indica strains.

  • Royal Caramel (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Royal Caramel is fast becoming a classic strain in Spain, where it was first grown. Its genetics are a mix of heavy Indicas with worldwide influence. A three-way cross between BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino.

  • Royal Caramel Fast (Royal Queen Seeds) fem.

    Royal Caramel is fast becoming a classic strain in Spain, where it was first grown. Its genetics are a mix of heavy Indicas with worldwide influence.

  • Royal Cheese (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Royal Cheese is a legendary variety which originated in the UK. It has an intense, long-lasting and aromatic Indica taste of cheese, something similar to a vintage cheese, the type that makes your mouth water when you think of it.

  • Royal Cheese Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Royal Cheese is one of our best selling strains, loved by many for its unique, strong aroma and taste. The smell of Cheese is like no other strain.

  • Royal Cheese Fast (Royal Queen Seeds) fem.

    Cheese is a legendary cannabis plant with origins based in the UK. This marijuana strain has its heritage from some original Skunk #1 that was rediscovered then developed by a dedicated crew of cannabis growers from London.

  • Royal Creamatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    The newest member of the Royal Queen Seeds Autoflowering seed collection. The Royal Creamatic brings a new flavour to the autoflowering family.

  • Royal Critical Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

    The Royal Critical Automatic is Royal Queen's new autoflowering hybrid, a complex cross of the ruderalis, indica and sativa strains. It is very similar to the normal Critical variety, with its well known characteristics

  • Royal Dwarf (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Royal Dwarf was hybridized with an exceptional skunk type female, and crossed to maintain the auto-flowering pattern. The low branching and compact buds make it ideal for growing indoors and outdoors in small spaces.

  • Royal Haze Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Royal Queen Seeds offers you the Haze concept in autoflowering. The flavour is really Haze, with the incense touch. Only a true expert can know that the final product came from an autoflowering strain.

  • Royal Highness (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Royal Highness is part of the Royal Queen Seeds medicinal catalogue, a cross of Respect and Dance Hall. The taste is smooth, sweet and a little bit skunky.

  • Royal Jack Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Jack Herer is a great strain named after a great man. The Jack Herer strain is equally powerful, a strong Sativa dominant with an uplifting high and a fresh peppery aroma.

  • Royal Kush Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Something a little bit different for fans of autoflowering varieties. Royal kush Automatic is a cross between autoflowering Ruderalis strains with a quick-flowering Kush. A compact plant but taller than many autoflowering varieties.

  • Royal Madre (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    This variety is primarily the results of crossing Jack the Ripper with Queen Madre and is a Royal Queen Seeds exclusive. Ultimately, it has a heritage of 75% sativa and 25% indica with a high CBD ratio.

    This product is out of stock.

  • Royal Medic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Royal Medic is a new feminized hybrid of two great cannabis strains from Spain. Its genetics are a cross of Critical, known for its big yields, and Juanita la Lagrimosa, a strain known for its medicinal effects.

  • Royal Moby (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    The Royal Moby is a powerful and mainly Sativa strain. It produces a physical and mental sprint, and the descent is long, slightly physical, and special.

  • Shining Silver Haze (Royal Queen Seeds)

    The Shining Silver Haze strain has maintained and according to some even surpassed the high quality Haze heritage.

  • Skunk #1 (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Skunk # 1 is a very potent and vigorous plant and is therefore a fast bloomer with strong arms to yield support. The effect of the Skunk # 1 is a combination of stoned and High.

  • Skunk XL (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    An absolute classic strain which laid the genetics for the majority of marijuana seeds around today. Originally, a mix of Colombian, Mexican and Afghan land races creating the 75% Sativa 25% Indica genetic that led to a new generation of cannabis.

  • Somango XL (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    The strain was originally introduced due to a demand for a plant that could produce a euphoric, classic high without a side-effect of lethargy. It was created by breeding two of the most productive and robust plants available, Somango and Critical 47.

  • Sour Diesel (Royal Queen Seeds)

    The world famous Sour Diesel is now available in feminised seed from Royal Queen Seeds. We are proud to add this fine cannabis strain to our selection. This might be one of the most famous strains of cannabis on the planet; and maybe one of the strongest.

  • Special Kush #1 (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    Special Kush #1 is a new Indica strain from Royal Queen Seeds and it's one of the cheapest feminized strains available.

  • Special Queen #1 (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    The Special Queen #1 is one of the newer feminized strains from Royal Queen Seeds. She is great for growing outdoors and with a flowering period of 7 weeks it is ready to harvest at the end of September.

  • Speedy Chile Fast (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    The Speedy Chile variety was accomplished by crossing a third-generation auto-flowering plant with a clone, providing a feminized cannabis seed that is ideal for indoor or outdoor marijuana gardens.

  • Sweet Skunk Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Sweet Skunk Automatic is very similar to the popular Spanish strain Green Poison, but this strain is autoflowering so it can be grown almost anywhere.

  • White Widow (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

    The White Widow is the most award winning cannabis plant ever and is available in any coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The plants are glistening white with THC.

  • White Widow Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

    The White Widow Automatic is a new cross of a classic Dutch strain, White Widow, recognised by most smokers and growers as an absolute classic strain.

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