Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia)

Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia) is a flowering shrub from Mexico which may have been employed by the Aztecs during trance rituals. Native from Mexico to Argentina. Sinicuichi has been called an "auditory hallucinogen": sounds seem to come distorted from a great distance.

It is still used by some Mexican shamans as a tool for divination. The natives hold Sinicuichi to be sacred and believe it to be endowed with supernatural powers. It would help them with a wide variety of problems and they use it to recall vividly the events of many years earlier. Sinicuichi has been tested and is believed to have euphoric, overall relaxing and pleasantly drowsy effects.

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Euphoria, general relaxation, acoustic hallucinations, improvement of memory performance.


10 grams should be enough to make tea with. Mix with 3 cups of hot water and let it boil for a while or sit in the sun for a day, before drinking.


Longterm use could impair the memory. Some users report unpleasant side-effects after consumption (and also the day after): heavy muscle pain, aching joints, exhaustion, headache.

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  • issa


    Worked like a charm for me. I put hot water on the stove (about 1 1/2 coffee mug's worth of water) . got the temperature to medium, added about 12 grams or slightly grinded Sinicuichi. Let it sit on the stove for about 40 minutes without letting it boil. After the 40 minutes, I covered the saucepan, lowered the temperature slightly, and waited 10 minutes.

    Finally took it off the stove, let it cool (saucepan still covered) and strained it out into 2 mugs. I drank it straight and so far I feel pretty good. Clear mind, and fine sedating buzz. The taste is horribly bitter though and I believed I have muscle aches to look forward to. Still, it's a worthwhile high which will relax you every limb while it lasts.

  • Lazyshaman


    interesting plant, strange effects, difficult to describe, at 10 grams boiled a numb feeling, somehow "the mind starts to go backwards" and really some auditory distortions. Combinated this with DMT and effects were wild BUT an overdose starts with 25 grams boiled and the next day after deep sleep crazy muscle aches in the legs, in the arms, in the stomach with every breath I took but mind was clear, but these aches, no reaction to analgesics, seems to evoke really severe pain effects by affecting the biochemistry of the nerves...psychedelic activity: medium I would say, hallucinogenic: super as supplement, alone: mild or none (visual, tactile etc.), acustical yes, mind: subtle and strange.
    The plant can be seen stilized way on the surface of Xochipilli-statues ( the flowers and stilized leaves ).

  • iaytgul


    I extracted about an ounce of sinicuichi in boiling water (boiled it for an hour or so, strained, boiled off the water; can't remember well since it was a while ago). It formed little resiny clumps. I left it for a while and eventually decided to smoke some, thinking it was Calea zacatechichi (the label had come off and I keep them together). I wanted to dream well... Anyway, I realized my error after about 4-5 hits. I suppose the psychoactives in sinicuichi work much better at high concentrations, since I'd smoked the plain leaf before. The resin, unlike the plain leaf, smelled sort of similar to cannabis, but not too much.

    Anyway, after about 10 minutes (felt like a long onset for inhalation, but that's fine) I started feeling high; the plateau (after about 30-40 minutes) felt similar to cannabis in terms of mood and slight euphoria and such. Very minor auditory hallucinations, primarily thinking I'm hearing (friendly) voices or a TV in the other room. However, the body effects were much different; I felt relatively normal physically, at least from the neck down. It actually made me concentrate somewhat more, though only about particular things (unlike the sort of euphoric apathy that I get from cannabis). I can't remember how long it lasted, but it was comparable to cannabis, maybe slightly shorter though.

    Had no side-effects at all, except for increased appetite (though the food wasn't much tastier than normal like I always get with cannabis).

    I tried it again a couple days later; this time I smoked another chunk of resin (not very much, but the same as the first time) and nothing much happened. I ate one of the chunks, and after 90 min. or so nothing happened. It is possible that I had some sort of tolerance, or maybe I did something wrong the second time. Unlike the first time, the second time I had minor muscle aches (and minor chest tightness, though that is apparently normal, and I'm young so it wasn't exacerbating an existing problem) the day after. Could have been the fact that I ate some the second time, so it stayed in my system longer.

    Overall, reminiscent of cannabis, but quite unique. I'll do it again. Hopefully the inconsistency was due to tolerance and not due to something I did the first time that I'll never remember how to do right again... :)

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