Kanna Happy Honey

Kanna Happy Honey is a relaxing blend of honey, kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) and Valerian root. Mixed in a hot beverage it will induce a mellow feeling and will add some delicious flavours to your drink. Packed in handy 5 ml packages.

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Honey, Sceletium tortuosum lemon balm, valerian root tinctures.


Sceletium tortuosum, also known as kanna, enhances mood and induces a sense of connection. In higher dosages it can cause euphoria, initially with stimulation and later with relaxation.

Valerian root is known for its relaxing and calming qualities.


The happy honey can be added to a hot beverage like tea or consumed directly. Do not use more than 4 bags a day. Store in the dark.


Sceletium tortuosum acts as a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). It should not be combined with other SSRI's (Seroxat, Prozac) or Mono Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO-I).

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  • M


    I use to put it in a huge cup of hot chocolate -> extra yummie :)

  • Patrag


    Interesting, did you guys find out that mix? Why not exceed 4 of them? Had a nice sleep and longer dreams, i was a lot more satisfied with myself than being happy. But i had happy moments too. Pretty cool!

  • Kief man


    Finally I could try this out.

    I had 2 bags in one cup of fruit tea and I'm totally stress-free with a mild high/stoned-like, body and mind feeling.

    I smoked 2 bowls of the Leonotis Leonurus 20x to it, really really chillin' now. Soft legs. I feel light and easy, lovin' the atmosphere.

    Not taken away by a buzz haha but i don't even want more like this feeling. This is now my cheat for authority/office appointments, the moment when I get nervous, I'll gently drink one or two. I don't like appointments. Nothing could stress me right now, thoughts are clean too. I currently just care about good music. And a chill out.

    Awesome and recommended for literally everyone. I will order this again.

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