Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is indigenous to Thailand and Malaysia where it is used as a substitute for opium. The main alkaloid in kratom is mitragynine, known for its positive effects on one's mood. It stimulates the body and increases activity.

In general, the effects are stimulating and euphoric at a lower doses and more calming and narcotic at higher doses. These effects are noticeable after 5 to 10 minutes and can last for several hours.

You can buy kratom in the form of herbs (cut or powder), standardized herbal extracts and resin extract. Some forms are more expensive but will require less to achieve the same effect.

More information: Azarius encyclopaedia on kratom.

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  • Kratom Bali (Mitragyna speciosa)

    This kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, indigenous to Bali is used to induce opium like effects. The leaves are shredded or powdered.

  • Kratom Bali extract 15x

    Now available: standardized Kratom extract. This product is very strong and, contrary to other kratom extracts (sold as super, premium etc.), the quality of this powdered extract is guaranteed.

    € 13,50 € 11,50
  • Kratom Bali extract 50x

    The new super strong Kratom extract. This product is the strongest available and, contrary to other kratom extracts (sold as super, premium etc.), the quality of this powdered extract is guaranteed.

  • Kratom Bali resin

    This type of Kratom resin extract is powerful and easy to use. The pieces have an average weight of 15 grams.

    € 14,75 € 12,50
  • Kratom extract pack

    A pack of three powerful kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) extracts, intended for the experienced kratom fan. Contains kratom Thai extract 15x, kratom Bali extract 15x and kratom Bali extract 50x.

    This product is out of stock.

  • Kratom Gold extract

    This Kratom extract, made from the Bali variety, is the finest extract as of yet! Kratom leaves contain about 60% of active compounds and with this extract we have been able to filter out almost everything else, making it almost completely pure.

    € 17,95 € 15,25
  • Kratom Maeng Da (Mitragyna speciosa)

    Maeng Da Kratom is a unique, hand-selected strain of Kratom herb that is even more potent than Kratom Thai, owing to a higher concentration of mitragynine. Maeng Da has an energizing effect that can even be felt in low doses.

  • Kratom Malaysia (Mitragyna speciosa)

    The effects of Kratom leaves from Malaysia can be stimulating or sedative, depending on the quantity.

  • Kratom Pack

    Great package deal for the Kratom fans out there. You get a sharply priced bundle of three Kratom products in different forms: shredded, liquid and powder

    € 22,50
  • Kratom Red extract 25x

    This is a 25x extract of Kratom Bali, making it very powerful. This variety distinguishes itself from other strong Bali extracts because the active ingredients were obtained from fresh leaves, through a water-based extraction process.

    € 13,95 € 11,85
  • Kratom Thai (Mitragyna speciosa)

    Kratom Thai is one of the strongest kratrom leaves available. Also available in fine powder.

  • Kratom Thai extract 15x

    High quality kratom Thai extract 15x, made of the leaves of Thai kratom. 1 gram of this extract equals 15 grams of leaves.

  • Mitragyna javanica

    Mitragyna javanica is a small tree found in Southeast Asia. It's a rare and relatively unknown plant, compared to its cousin Mitragyna speciosa. In Thailand, M. javanica powered extract is used as a substitute for its illegal cousin.

    € 13,95 € 11,85
  • Sakae Naa (Combretum quadrangulare)

    Sakae Naa (Combretum quadrangulare) is a relatively unknown herb made from the leaves of the tree with the same name. It’s mainly used in Asia as a substitute for Mitragyna speciosa, which Sakae Naa is very similar to.

    € 11,95 € 10,15
  • Sakae Naa (Combretum quadrangulare) extract 25x

    Sakae Naa (Combretum quadrangulare) is a relatively unknown herb. It’s mainly used in Asia as a substitute for Mitragyna speciosa, which Sakae Naa is very similar to, however, it is less potent which makes this 25x extract very interesting!

    € 11,95 € 10,15
  • Vivazen

    Long live Vivazen! This natural drink, derived from natural sources, is formulated from a unique blend of powerful, natural herbs that combat stress to provide long-lasting relaxation and enjoyment.

    € 5,95 € 5,05
  • Kra Thum Khok (Mitragyna hirsuta)

    Mitragyna hirsuta is a tall tree found in parts of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. It’s closely related to Mitragyna speciosa and the leaves have similar paradoxical effects: both stimulating and sedative at the same time.

    € 14,95 € 12,70
  • Fenix Black

    Fenix Black is a liquid extract made of high quality Bali kratom leaves. It makes you feel dreamy and relaxed, but it can be stimulating as well.

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