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This drink derived from natural sources is formulated from a unique blend of powerful herbs that can help to combat stress and provides long-lasting relaxation and enjoyment. All throughout America stressed out people have been flying over the counters for it, so we're happy to finally make it available for you here.


  • White Willow Bark
  • White Lotus
  • Wild Dagga
  • Skullcap
  • California Poppy
  • Mitragyna speciosa
  • Boswellia

Vivazen effects

Kratom is stimulating is small dosages but sedating in larger doses and of course not everybody is as sensitive as one another, which is why you have to find out your own ideal dose.

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Vivazen usage

Although Vivazen is completely safe to use, it is possible that it can overwhelm certain individuals. Therefore we recommend that the first time you drink it, only drink half the bottle on an empty stomach. If no negative effects are experienced within 20 minutes you can drink the remaining liquid at ease. Because Vivazen has a rather bitter taste it can be nice to combine it with a fruit juice or milkshake, though it can also be drunk as it is. The effects of Vivazen can last up to 6 hours.

The active ingredient in White Willow bark is Salicin, which in turn has been synthesized and modified to result into aspirin. It was also frequently used by the Ancient Egyptians for its anti-inflammatory purposes.

Witte Lotus, Wild Dagga, Skullcap and Poppy are widely known for their calming properties.

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  • graig


    I have tried many types because I get random drug tests at work and kratom doesnt show up on the tests I highly recomend the lava kratom or viva zen both are liquid and taste like crap but they both work great. Fast acting and worth the money. $9-$12 per bottle and 1 bottle will feel like a perc 30 for a shorter time. Great for minor ache and pain or just to chill and enjoy.

  • Mike


    Vivazen! It's such an easy way to feel better. I like it perfect for when I need a boost.

  • doornappel


    When I first heard about Viva Zen I was a bit sceptical. So many shots on the market these days. Nonetheless I wanted to try it since I have been happily using Kratom shredded leaves and extracts for many years.

    The label advices first time users to drink only half a bottle. So I did...
    I wasn't expecting much to happen since I only drank half a bottle.
    With many herbals I have to exceed the recommended dosage to notice anything at all...

    Within 5 to 10 minutes I felt the first, typical, Kratom effects appear.
    Gentle, but definitely present. Friendly and relaxing.
    These first effects made me more curious and after 1 hour I drank the other half. Again, within 5 minutes I felt the effects get stronger and stronger. I felt relaxed, warm and had multiple moments in which I was staring at the TV without knowing what was on it. The effects lasted for at least 3 hours!

    I have been enjoying my experience very much and will take Viva Zen again. This is also one of the easiest ways, for unexperienced friends, to try Kratom, success guaranteed!

    EFFECTS: 5* - Easy and authentic kratom experience
    TASTE: 4* - Somewhat bitter, like kratom... *duh*

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