Magic Mushroom Grow kit 'Easy' Thai

This grow kit is based on a simple and proven cultivation method. Go from spores to a ready-to-grow cultivation box in just 3 steps. Requires minimum care once set up. All you need to do is harvest the mushrooms and water the box for the next cycle.

The Mushroom Grow kit 'Easy' is based on a growing method that demands very little maintenance. Once set-up, the kit requires only water once. The perfect growing conditions are created by humid layers of vermiculite and perlite, and a special grow bag that allows the necessary clean air exchange.

Thanks to the growing bag's special filter humidity is kept inside the bag. This creates the perfect growing environment for an abundance of fresh magic mushrooms.

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The spore syringe in this growkit is Psilocybe cubensis Koh Samui (Thai). This rare magic mushroom from the Thai island Koh Samui produces quite thick fruits that grow not very tall. This is compensated by a fast mycelium colonisation and the fact that you will grow many mushrooms.

  • Ready-to-grow in 3 easy steps
  • Demands little maintenance once set-up
  • Water the boxes only once instead of every day
  • End result is 1 ready-to-grow cultivation box of 1200 ml
  • Expect 300-450 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Also available with Ecuador, Cambodia and B+ spores

Innervisions Grow Kit Collection

Based in Amsterdam, Innervisions has over 15 years experience in the production of mushroom growkits and accessories for home cultivation. This simple and accessible do-it-yourself kit makes it possible for everyone to enjoy their own home-grown magic mushrooms.

Below you can find an overview of their complete mushroom kits.

Mushroom Grow Kits Ease of use Maintenance Yield Water supply
Mini Grow Kit 200-300 g Once per yield
Ready-To-Grow 400-600 g Once per yield
Easy 300-450 g Once per yield
Master 1000 g Once per yield
Basic 300-450 g Daily

For more information about Innervisions products, see

Grow kit manual

Download the full magic mushroom growers guide.

For general information and cultivation techniques see Mushplanet.


Mushbag with 425 g sterilized rye, spore syringe (5 ml) Psilocybe cubensis Thai, cultivation box (1200 ml), grow bag with air filter, 200 ml vermiculite, 400 ml perlite, alcohol swab, 2 paper clips, user manual.

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  • Baruch


    did trie a few 'just harvest shrooms' and got wild on weed (diamond haze) and vodka-cola . just harvest my thirth flush and got a freaking awsome harvest of 148 grams! let them make a hood! don't be afraid of the black and purple colour in your grow bag. my shrooms grow big! i put them on my aquarium. (under the plastic hood is a tl light and i put them on top of that)

    i hope the hawaiian shrooms will be sold aswell!! those are one of the best!!



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