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Mushroom Grow Kit 'Basic' Ohne

Do you want to get started in the wonderful world of mushroom cultivation, but don't quite know how?

The Mushroom Grow Kit Basic will introduce you to the basics of growing mushrooms at home. In four steps you will learn more about the rice flour cake method (or PF Tek). Once you have mastered these techniques, you can experiment further. You'll be a pro before you know it.

This cultivation kit requires sterilization of the growth medium and you will have to perform a daily check and adjustments on moisture levels during the growth cycle. This takes some practice and feel, but in the end that is what makes home cultivation so much fun – experimenting with growth parameters to aim for optimal results.

  • Based on the PF Tek technique
  • Your introduction to growing mushrooms at home

Note: The Ohne kit does not include any mushroom spores, prints or mycelium.

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Vermiculite (900 ml), 220 g rice flour, 4 cultivation boxes (300 ml) with air filter, 2 grow bags with air filter, pair of sterile gloves, mouth mask, 4 paper clips, user manual.

Mushroom grow kit - instructions

Step 1 - Prepare the cultivation boxes

Mix 2/3 of the vermiculite (600 ml) with 220 g rice flour. Add 300 ml of water and mix thoroughly. Loosely fill up the cultivation boxes until 1 cm from the top of the box. Wipe the upper edge clean and fill the boxes with the remaining vermiculite.

Step 2 - Sterilize the substrate

Sterilize the boxes in a pressure cooker for 60 minutes at 121°C. You can also use a normal cooking pan, provided it has a lid that closes well.

Step 3 - Inject the mushroom spores (available separately)

Inject a total of 2-3 ml of the spore suspension into each cultivation box. Put the cultivation boxes in a warm, dark place (20-28°C). After two to four weeks all kernels are covered with white mycelium.

Step 4 - Mushroom Growth

When the substrate is covered in white mycelium, the mycelium can be exposed to light and fresh air. Remove the lids and mist the top once. Put the cultivation boxes in the grow bags and moderately mist the inside of the bags. Check daily and mist the top layer and inside of the bags when necessary. The first shrooms will appear after approximately 14 days.

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