Magic truffles - Sclerotia

Sclerotia, also known as 'magic truffles' or Philosopher’s stones, contain psilocybin, which generates a colourful and philosophical state of mind that lasts between 4 and 6 hours. In this category you'll find the most popular kinds of psychoactive truffles listed. Even a small amount could give you the trip of your life.

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  • Magic Truffles Atlantis

    Magic Truffles or Psilocybe Atlantis has been found in grassy lawns and vacant lots in Fulton County, Georgia. It's a close relative of Psilocybe mexicana A., but it has a slower growth cycle and is more potent than the other strains.

  • Magic Truffles Hollandia

    The truffles from Holland (with love!). The Hollandia strain is the best of the best, developed by Dutch sclerotia connoisseurs for an extra visual experience, mind-blowing trip and great taste. A true psychonaut delight.

    € 17,75
  • Magic Truffles Tampanensis

    Psilocybe tampanensis is a very rare psychedelic mushroom whose only known natural specimen was collected in 1977 by Steven Pollock, near Tampa, Florida. Sclerotia contain psilocybin, a psychedelic with strong visual effects.

  • Sclerotia Galindoi

    Psilocybe galindoi is found growing in and near forests in Mexico, most recently in Georgia. Sclerotia or magic truffles contain psilocybin, a psychedelic with strong visual effects. Available as 10 g and 15 g packages.

  • Sclerotia Mexicana Dragon

    The Magic Truffles called 'Dragon' are immensely popular in the smartshops of Amsterdam. It's a variety of the Mexicana strain, bred for high-quality sclerotia and powerful effects.

    € 15,75
  • Sclerotia Mexicana A.

    This sclerotia strain that was discovered in 1958 by mycologist R. Gordon Wasson and studied by Albert Hofmann. It is sometimes referred to as "Philosopher's stones".

  • Sclerotia Grow Kit 'Ready-To-Grow'

    The Sclerotia Grow Kit 'Ready-To-Grow' contains 0.7 litres of Psilocybe Mexicana, Galindoi or Tampanensis spawn. In time the kit produces sclerotia, also known as magic truffles or Philosopher's stones.

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