Salvia divinorum cutting

Salvia divinorum (ska maria pastora) was discovered by the Mazatec Indians. The shamans of the Mazatec tribe used this holy medicine to induce a trance. In this trance they could travel through the unconsciousness of the patient to find the source of a disease.

It’s very difficult (almost impossible) to grow Salvia from seeds, so if you want to cultivate your own Salvia plant you have to start with a cutting. The cuttings we offer are shipped in glass tubes. The roots of the cutting are placed in agar media within the tube. This agar media contains all the necessary nutrients.

Salvia Wasson Hofmann vs Blosser

There are two strains of Salvia cuttings available: Blosser (or ‘palatable’) and Wasson-Hofmann. The Blosser strain was first collected in 1991 by anthropologist Bret Blosser. Salvia Divinorum ‘Blosser’ is quite rare in Europe. The Wasson-Hofmann was the first commercial Salvia strain and is still the most common strain found in online and offline shops. The mother plant was thought to have been found by Robert Gordon Wasson and Albert Hofmann (inventor of LSD) in Mexico, though it was later determined that it was collected by Sterling Burnell in 1962. However, since the name Wasson-Hofmann is so widely used, we’ve decided to keep this technically incorrect name.

The differences between these two strains are very minor, with only very slight differences in appearance. There seems to be one notable distinction; according to various sources the Blosser (or palatable) strain is less bitter than Wasson-Hofmann. There is no credible indication of differences in potency or growing characteristics.


If you're a strong believer of inner beauty, why not try the B-quality cuttings? These cuttings don't look quite as lovely as the one in the picture but are equally viable if taken proper care of.

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Salvia growing instructions

Download the full set of Salvia cutting instructions (included with every order): front, back.

This Salvia cutting needs a larger growing habitat than the tube it is delivered in. So after receiving this cutting you have to replant it immediately. For this you need a jar, a transparent plastic bag (a zip bag works well) and some soil.

  • Take the cutting from the tube and remove the agar (gel) completely from the roots with somewhat warm water.
  • Remove the lower leaves as well.
  • Put the cutting with the roots into the soil, and water lightly.
  • Then put the plastic bag over the container to increase humidity. Tighten the bag with a rubber band and place the plant in a warm (20 ° C) and light place, but not in direct sunlight! The best way to keep it moist is to remove the bag once every 3-4 days and spray the plant. After about one week you will notice new growth.
  • After three weeks the plant is growing well. Now you can choose to keep the plant in a moist environment ("humidity tent") or to slowly harden the plant into 'living room' conditions. This can be done by punching 1 or 2 holes in the bag each day. This way you gradually bring down the humidity. When black edges appear on the leaves this is often due to a (too) low humidity. In the beginning the new growth is often thin. By topping the plant a stronger and bushier plant can be obtained.

Note: If your cutting arrives a bit brown or black, don't worry. The most important part of the cutting is not the leaves but the root system, which is quite safely encased in agar. Put the roots and whatever green parts remain in the soil and follow the included instructions.

If your cutting is 100% black, then excessive heat or stress during shipment may have ruined it. Should this happen to you, please contact us with a picture and order number and we'll see what we can do!

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  • Me


    Great! The plant arrived successfully and now I'm waiting to see them grow.

  • Kasper


    Excellent shipping in glass vials, plants are now healthy and well. I forgot to remove the agar when I planted though, hopefully it won't matter too much.

    I received two bags with my order, so I used one of them to make my two small cuttings a greenhouse. Works very well. I started yesterday punching small holes in the bag, so the plants slowly can get used to normal humid air, rather than high humidity like in their greenhouse.

    Thanks Azarius, everything was perfect

  • mp


    ordered a blosser one a while ago, it arrived with most of the leaves brown which fell off shortly after taking it out. But i replanted it in a pot and put the bag over it and now its growing quite fast.

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