Ephedra nevadensis seeds

The Ephedra plant belongs to the gnetum family (gnetaceae). It is an erect, broom-like shrub, 60 cm (2 ft) high. The leafless stems are pale green when young and olive brown with age. Male and female flowers are found on seperate plants. The seeds are a smooth brown color and paired. Common on slopes and hills, mostly below 1500 m (4,500 ft) elevation.

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The plant can reach a height and width of about 1 meter. The leaves are small and masculine plants bloom in springtime and make seeds.


Cultivation and Propagation

The Ephedra is robust and doesn’t need much attention. Plant the seeds around 20ºC (68ºF). Grow indoors or in a warm and dry climate, free of frost. It thrives in ordinary loamy soil and does very well in a loose rocky soil with full sun and a little water. It is most often propagated by division of the clumps in spring, and seeds sown in a light sandy soil in early spring. It makes an excellent ground cover on rocky slopes.


The tops of the branches may be picked and dried at any time as long as the plant is not denuded or the branches cut back past the viable buds.

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  • Tanya Boozer


    This IS legal in the United States; it is Ma Huang that is not. They are different strains of Ephedra.

  • Crusty


    I live in southern Utah here in the USA and can find this plant all around town. My wife is Mormon and drinks a tea of this plant all the time.Here where we live it's called Mormon Tea. Very mild taste when mixed with honey and packs a decent punch too. Just a bit stronger than coffee I would say.
    Funny that you can't ship the seeds to the plants own country of origin though.

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