Vaporizing is done mostly to release essential materials present in cannabis and other herbs without inhaling at the same time those toxic elements that are released with smoking. Azarius offers portable and non-portable vaporizers (often called table top or desktop vaporizers) in many different shapes and price ranges.

  • Table top vaporizers

    Table top vaporizers

    All vaporizers that deserve a nice place in your living room. These... More

  • Portable vaporizers

    Portable vaporizers

    Portable vaporizers fit into your pocket and can be taken anywhere, even to... More

  • Pen vaporizers

    Pen vaporizers

    Pen vaporizers are a subset of portable vaporizers that excel at... More

  • Spare parts

    Spare parts

    Something broke or got lost and now your pricey vaporizer is just gathering... More

  • Accessories


    Vaporizer accessories are items that aren't mandatory to keep your vaporizer... More

  • Brands


    Browse our selection of vaporizers and all related accessories by brand name.... More

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