Damiana (Turnera diffusa)

Damiana herb (Turnera diffusa) consists of the dried leaves and stems of a bush which grows in the tropical areas of America. The Aztecs used it as a remedy against impotence. The Mayas used it for pleasure and other Indian tribes used the tea for medicinal purposes. Thus it is a herb with many qualities and possible applications.

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Effects of Damiana

Damiana is a sexual stimulant. It contains compounds that directly stimulate the nerves and genitals. Damiana has a relaxing effect, gives a mild high and is said to be an effective aphrodisiac. The effects last for one to two hours. When used regularly for a longer period of time damiana increases potency and helps to restore the hormonal balance in women.

Damiana is a muscle relaxant. As a medicinal plant it is used against fatigue, exhaustion, hormonal disorders and congestions, although there is currently no scientific data available to back up these claims.

Preparing Damiana leaves

To make tea out of damiana herb, mix 10 to 15 grams (½ oz.) with 1 litre of water. Let this boil gently for 5 minutes, then cool it, sift it and drink a few cups. To make damiana liquor, mix 30 grams (1 oz.) of damiana herb with half a litre liquor (Vodka) and let this soak for 5 days. Sift it and let the alcohol drenched leaves soak another 5 days in 125 ml of mineral water. Strain out the liquid and filter it. Heat the water extract until just under the boiling point and mix it with half a cup of honey. Mix the alcohol extract and the water extract in a bottle and keep for a month. The mix will sink down and the liquid will become clearer. Pour the liquid carefully in a clean bottle. For the best results take 1 or 2 glasses about an hour before the desired effect.To use the damiana powder, mix one teaspoon with water, juice, yoghurt or custard.

Warning and side effects

Damiana is relatively safe to use, although some sites report that exuberant use of damiana could lead to to liver damage. The side effects of Damiana are quite mild, in higher doses the herb can produce a laxative effect and gastrointestinal discomfort.


A page with information about damiana. In short a description, its medical properties and recipes.

Erowid about damiana. A general description and some information about the (ritual) use and dosage.

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  • oeil sauvage


    Better effects in powder form in tea than cut leaves. Had some erotic dreams it powder tea. No smoking effect for me with leaves.
    Tastes good with tea+vodka ;)

  • Leaves


    Very mild, don't bother smoking as it works better as a tea & you don't have to breath in heaps of smoke. Surely Tribulus is a better aphrodisiac, or Potency wood/Plectranthus.
    I suspect the reports above of people tripping on Damiana are just there to try & boost sales :)

  • elli


    I love Damiana in tea and smoking. It is an aphrodisiac and it will help the blood flow down there as well as make the experience of love making more intense (almost like rolling on E but not as strong). You smoke it for a while and you develop a tolerance. The first time I smoked it, my girlfriend and I had the most amazing sensual sex. Now it's just a mood stabilizer, tastes better than weed, it's cheap.

    I've smoked it mixed in a spliff with weed and it produced pleasant hallucinations when I closed my eyes. It's wonderful.

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