With this small, hand-held vaporizer it is possible to enjoy your favorite smokables without inhaling the damaging smoke. The vaporizer is made of almost unbreakable space age glass and consists of a bulb (diameter 5 cm) and a tube (10 cm) joined together by a plastic cap.
The only thing you need is a lighter and something to vaporize.

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To use the Vapo 2, you must take the tube from the bulb. Don' t use excessive force.
• Rinse the inside of the bulb and shake it almost dry
• Put very little crumbled weed or hash in the bubble
• Screw the bulb back on the other half of the Vapo 2
• Heat the bulb while rotating
• Once the bulb fills up with vapor: inhale!
• Cool, isn't it?

You can also use the Vapo 2 to make a water bottle pipe. Take a plastic bottle or a aluminium can. Punch a hole in the bottle or can, half an inch above the water level. Put the tube in the hole so that it is under water.

To clean the Vapo 2, fill to about 1/3 with cleaner and soak for a while. Turn the bulb around to allow the cleaner to dissolve film from walls. Rinse with water. Use scrub pad if necessary.
Clean the tube by holding a hot flame under it so that the residue built up vaporizes. The resulting vapor is sometimes the best. After the residue has fully vaporized, the tube can be cleaned by running a small wad of steel wool through it.

You can download an instruction manual here.



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  • Jakob


    It was OK while it lasted. Dropped it from a height of around half a meter and it instantly broke.

  • brennar


    utrolig godt produkt. Enkelt å bruke. Og veldig solid.:)

  • nico


    Goed dingetje, zit stevig in elkaar. Werkt ook echt, maar vaporiseren is wel lastiger. Ik weet niet goed wanneer het tijd is om te inhaleren en als je te lang verhit weet ik niet of je tochj geen rook inhaleert. Verder is vaposisewren minder leuk dan roken , wat toch een mooie ceremonie is. Voor deze prijs is het een goede investering in je gezondheid.

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