Discover new exceptional pricing on Arizer

New package deals incl. Kanna and Kratom

We all know that good things come in small large packages.

We’ve just added new package deals and updated a few popular ones in our smartshop packs category. These packs are certainly interesting for the big smartshop fans but can just as easily serve as an introduction to a particular product or form a great gift package.

You’ll especially like the prices.

The new packs:

Energy Pack Xtreme power
Bundle of some of our best energizers. Contains Till Dawn, Super Nova and Dr. Smile’s Powergum

Happy Caps Pack
5 different Happy Caps for you to enjoy: Dance-E, Loung-E, Sex-E, Trip-E and Space-E.

Kosmic Kanna Pack
Lift your spirits with three Kanna products: Kanna powder, Happy Honey and Kanna tea bags.

Kratom Pack
Different varieties of Kratom for the true fan: Kratom Bali, Fenix Black and Kratom Thai extract 15x

Relax Pack
This pack provides the basic necessities for a relaxing atmosphere at home. Contains Lounge-E, Valerian Root, Nag Champa incense and liquid Hops.