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What are terpenes and how can they elevate your cannabis experience?


What are terpenes?

Ever wondered how the cannabis strain ‘Lemon Haze’ got her name? “Because of its lemony smell?”, might be an obvious first guess and you'd be absolutely right. But, why does Lemon Haze smell that way?

Well, that’s because the flowers of the Lemon Haze plant contain an abundance of D-Limonene and Terpinolene. Both of which are chemical compounds called Monoterpenes. These hydrocarbons are found all throughout nature, both in flora as well as fauna - although in fauna they are called Pheromones.

In short, it’s these terpenes that give plants their distinctive flavour and smell. But, that’s just part of the story, seeing as plant terpenes have multiple functions.

First and foremost, they attract pollinators like bees and other insects, while they repel unwanted predators like mites and other parasites. Besides that, they also protect the plants from harmful moulds, microbes, bacteria, fungi and disease.

Years of research have shown that terpenes provide humans with the same protection and beneficial properties as they do for plants.

How do terpenes improve the cannabis experience?

Now - taking into account what we’ve just learned - imagine a tobacco-free rolling blend that is infused with extra added terpenes. Something like that would be a huge bonus to your tastebuds and a real game-changer for cannabis smokers. Besides the fact that tobacco itself has a negative influence on the flavour of cannabis, an extra infusion of terpenes would enhance the taste of your joint immensely, wouldn’t you say? That is exactly what the good people at MUZA were thinking.

How can MUZA Blends elevate your smoking experience?

MUZA Blends are infused with specific and carefully selected natural terpene-formulations that will enhance the flavour of any cannabis strain you mix it with. Moreover, the other natural ingredients of MUZA’s herbal smoking blends are cut into a fine and precise consistency to make the rolling process much easier and the smoke smoother than anything you’ve tried before.

These rolling tobacco alternatives will elevate your entire smoking experience. There are 3 different versions of MUZA Blends; Neutral, Indica and Sativa. Experiment and find out which blend works best with your preferred cannabis strain.

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