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Medicinal marihuana - Encyclopedia

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Medicinal marihuana


Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica contain a wide range of natural substances (THC, CBD, CBN) that have both psychoactive and physical effects. For some people these effects are not only enjoyable, but useful, beneficial and a source of relief.

When preparations of cannabis have been prescribed by a licensed doctor and provided by a pharmacy, it is often referred to as "medicinal marihuana". Although the strength of these products may be comparable to what's available on the street (or one's back yard), they are guaranteed pure and free from mold.

In the United States (especially in California) many people have a prescription for medicinal marihuana. In the Netherlands it's possible to get prescribed cannabis, but since various strains are readily available in "coffeeshops", not many people make use of this system.

More information can be found here: Scientific information on vaporizers and cannabis


  • Trish 15-12-2015 10:02:31

    Wow I'm sorry that I was use the microphone to write this it came out so wrong let me start over please
    I'm a 48 women I have been on opiates for 20 years now prescribed to re-by a doctor !!! When I came back to NJ I found a Dr. That gave me prescription for medical marijuana I got the card and then was given the prescription I will tell you that it has cut down on my opiate use by 70% that's what my statement was supposed to say earlier

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