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Morning Glory (Ipomoea violacea) - Encyclopedia

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Morning Glory (Ipomoea violacea)


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What is Morning Glory?

Morning Glory seeds

The seeds of several varieties of Morning glory (Ipomoea violacea) contain a naturally occurring tryptamine called Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA), which is closely related to LSD. Seeds are taken orally and can be eaten whole or the active alkaloids can be extracted.

Like LSD, LSA acts as a "psychedelic" or "hallucinogen" which can have strong mental effects.


The Zapotecs used Ipomoea violacea by grinding the seeds up and wrapping them in a meal cloth. They would then soak it in cold water and find out about the illness of a patient, a troublemaker among the people, or the location of a lost object. Morning glory seeds called tlitlitzin were used ritually by the Aztec for their psychoactive properties. Spanish chroniclers in the mid 16th century reported on the divinatory use of these seeds. Their use has continued in southern Mexico, although it wasn't until about 1900 that tlitlitzin was identified botanically as Morning glory.


Morning Glory flower Morning glory is a member of the Convolvulaceae family which also includes the Baby Hawaiian woodrose. Common morning glory is a garden escape; it is native to Mexico or Central America. Now its grown around the world, favouring tropical warm temperate climates.

It is a vine with stems of 4-10 feet long, with flowers in pink, purple, blue or white (or combinations). Its flowering time is from July until October.


Active constituent: d-lysergic acid amide. The seeds contain about 0.1% ergot alkaloids, including ergometrine, chanoclavine and lysergol.

Effects of Morning Glory

LSD like experience that lasts about 6 hours, but with less hallucinogenic effects. Nausea is common even with untreated seeds. Less anxiety, less intensity than LSD in normal doses.

Because use is oral, onset is affected by the last food that was ingested. On a relatively empty stomach, the onset of effects is about an hour after ingestion, although it can be many hours before peak effects are reached.

Primary effects last 6-10 hours when seeds are taken orally. It also takes a couple of hours before being completely back to normal again.

Medical use

A root tea was used by Native Americans as a diuretic, laxative, expectorant and for coughs. A powered tea of the leaves for headaches and indigestion. As far as we know, Morning glory nowadays is not commonly used as a medicine.


The most common active Morning glory variety is Heavenly blue, others are Pearly gates, Flying saucers, Wedding bells, Blue star, and Summer skies. Although Heavenly blue is the strongest variety it is widely available, while the other variants are harder to come by.

Comparing the seeds of the morning glory varieties Pearly Gates and Heavenly Blue with two varieties of Hawaiian Baby woodrose, the following yield of alkaloids (mg of alkaloid/g of seed material) has been found:

  • Heavenly Blue: 0.813
  • Pearly Gates: 0.423
  • Ipomoea tuberosa: [None]
  • Argyreia nervosa: 3.050

Ololiuqhui (Rivea corymbosa or Turbina corymbosa) is another variety and not a synonym. Ololiuhqui is the least known hallucinogen in the outside world, yet it is perhaps the best known and most widely used among the indigenous people of Mexico. Very small doses are required and it is strongly recommended that only experienced persons use ololiuqhui.

Morning Glory Usage

How to dose morning glory seeds (according to Erowid):

Light 50-100 seeds 1.5-3 grams
Medium 100-250 seeds 3-6 grams
Strong 250-400 seeds 6-10 grams
Heavy 400+ seeds 10+ grams

The seeds can be ingested as follows:

- thoroughly chew and swallow

- grind and soak in purified water for 1/2 hour, strain and drink

- sprout by soaking in purified water for 3-4 days (change the water often), after which the white mushy part is removed from the shell and eaten. This is probably the best method for avoiding side effects, although there is enough reason to believe sprouting the seeds lessens their effectiveness.

The flowers of the Morning glory may be steeped in purified water for a week or two to produce a mildly alcoholic wine with a distinctively pleasant flavour and a very mild psychedelic effect, on account of hemp. Once again herbs and/or honey can be added to enhance the taste.

You must use cold purified water for these processes. Tap water contains chemicals that break down the desired alkaloids. Hot water also does this.


Should not be taken by people with a history of liver disorders or hepatitis. Should not be taken by pregnant women. Individuals can respond differently to the same dosage. What is safe for one can be deadly for another. So please be careful, never overdose. Best is to have someone with experience with you who can act as a sitter and watch over you.


- Do not operate heavy machinery. Do Not Drive.

- Do not ingest morning glory seeds if you are currently taking an MAOI. MAOIs are most commonly found in the prescription anti-depressants Nardil (phenelzine), Parnate (tranylcypromine), Marplan (isocarboxazid), Eldepryl (l-deprenyl), and Aurorex or Manerix (moclobemide). Ayahuasca also contains MAOIs (harmine and harmaline). Morning glory seeds (LSA) and MAOIs are a potentially dangerous combination. Check with your doctor if you are not sure whether your prescription medication is an MAOI.

- Do not use morning glory seeds when pregnant. LSA is closely related to LSD which is a uterine contractor that can increase the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy.

- Individuals currently in the midst of emotional or psychological upheaval in their everyday lives should be careful about choosing to use psychedelics such as morning glory seeds as they can trigger even more turmoil.

- Individuals with a family history of schizophrenia or early onset mental illness should be extremely careful as psychedelics have been known to trigger latent psychological and mental problems.


Although this species is a perennial it is usually cultivated as an annual. Morning glories thrive in a strong, well-drained soil in a sunny site with plenty of water, but they will do well almost anywhere. The seeds have a hard seed coat and should be nicked or soaked for two hours in warm water before sowing. If the seeds are nicked and soaked, the vines will generally flower 6 weeks after sowing.

The seeds should be planted 0.25 to 0.5 inch deep and not less than 6 inches apart. This species tends to run on vine unless the roots are cramped. This may be done by standing the vines in pots and allowing them to become slightly potbound before setting them out. Although morning glories like a lot of water, if the roots are kept damp constantly, the vines will produce few flowers and they will set very little seed. Various methods have been devised to increase the alkaloid content of the seeds by altering the soil chemistry and using hormones. An interesting account of these methods is found in the book Home Grown Highs by Mary Jane Superweed.

Harvesting: The seeds may be gathered as the pods become brown and dry. Immature seeds are more bitter than ripe ones. It has been reported that immature seeds contain more alkaloids, but this has not been confirmed. The stem and leaves contain some alkaloid. However, because they contain purgative principles, this part of the plant is used only in extraction. If used, pick fresh and dry quickly without heat.

Links / References

This article is based on the following pages:

Erowid on Morning glory's cultivation

Erowids Morning Glory Vault


  • lsd man 21-04-2008 12:41:56

    how often do the mg seed and do the leavs contain lsa ??

  • Ulexi 20-05-2010 20:02:41

    there's a side effect that's not mentioned in this article: muscle pain

  • aiaia 24-02-2011 03:47:54

    many psychoactive place produce muscle pain, yin yang imbalances

  • vinedamage 01-07-2014 06:22:53

    One day I ate the actual vine and I had the worst time of my life mentally. Days later and I still feel sick with some sort of depression. The seeds, if not treated, are fun to do.

  • Buickspeeddemon 26-04-2016 02:36:29

    Best things to combine with lsa is a small amount of weed and 2 aspirin, these almost totally eliminate the nausea and cramps

  • viper 24-08-2016 17:02:29

    I've been doing these seeds for a year now. I've done at least 25 LSD trips in my life and i'd chose the seeds anyday. LSD is surely more potent and hallucinogenic. The thing i like about these seeds are that they are a teacher. It is more of a self therapy than an actual fun trip. If u have negative energy in your life, you will mostly have a bad trip but this will make you realize how fucked up of a person you are.

    For me personally, it restores my faith in God. Every time i do it, i just become more appreciative about life in general. I love doing these more than LSD just cos it teaches me something. I never had a spiritual experience with LSD but with these i always do.

  • Dick 26-11-2016 12:51:05


  • Tes 28-11-2016 20:04:59

    It's gonna glorious day

  • doc A 10-01-2017 08:46:10

    Use the Toxin Removal method to eliminate the two toxins in the seed. 1) the one causing nausea (is found in seed pulp and is not water soluble) 2) one producing muscle cramps (is worse in producing strong side effects and is found in the husk. Soluble in water nd produces white thread like structures in water)
    Alcohol nd Petroleum Ether are used for seperation and yield really grt results. Just pure visual trip nd body euphoria, without any nausea or cramps. Method has been posted on the internet. Check, use and enjoy the shit out of it. ;-) thank me later. ( P.S. it was too much to post so better google the technique)
    Have fun with LSA nd other alkaloids

  • doc A 10-01-2017 08:54:04

    The last method stated in the website subsequently lowers the LSA content of the seed as LSA is water soluble too

  • Kaya 05-02-2017 15:17:19

    I foun too many of this flower but in difrent color . What i saw was purple . Thats works too ?

  • Mom 29-07-2017 00:06:58

    It makes me sick that this kind of info is so easily found by anyone. Very sad indeed. How about planting the seeds in the dirt & watching them grow into the beautiful flower & getting high on life💕

  • Thatguy27 19-08-2017 23:16:54

    Heavy man

  • YZK 22-08-2017 18:32:32

    I know where you're coming from "Mom" but psychedelics & phychonauts alike are here to explore the depths of our mind and reach points unreachable in normal consciousness. We seek knowledge, not so much a good time. Any kid who wants to just hv a lil fun would probably leave this page soon as he spots nausea. I know if I was looking for a good time i'd snort some coke of puff a joint; no use in going on a crazy, scary, rollercoaster of a trip.

  • Ding dong 10-09-2017 01:58:48

    How many seeds are actually in one flower/pod/whatever lol I literally found a massive massive massive vine that is all over the side of a building and if there is only one seed per a flower I would likely look like a dumbass outside in public plucking seeds out of flower pods and take hours and hours to do so! Also I was told DMT was the best, any psych experts wanna translate? Is this anything like dmt? Is this over the top? I am curious honestly cuz I just enjoy making shit out of shit for shit. It's a very prideful feeling when you mix this that and this together to make something completely different. Anyway good site. Glad I came across this.

  • Anomoly 18-09-2017 02:16:47

    Tons of seeds, ding ding. And morning glories are prolific, so don't think anyone would mind.

  • Bigboy 02-10-2017 04:08:09

    Life is better with the Lord

  • melb 09-12-2017 14:49:48

    Anyone ever heard/experienced extreme vertigo and nausea after pruning out the vines of dead morning glories? No hallucinations tho. Had to call in sick for work and miss a day!

  • Mamaw 13-03-2018 16:52:47

    What happens if you use coconut oil with seeds?

  • Bony 06-06-2018 21:20:55

    What are the side effects to take morning Glory seeds?

  • Bony 06-06-2018 21:37:55

    Can anyone say that if this seed is eaten then what can be the harm to the body, and what kind of care should be taken during the consume seeds.

  • Mom of a kid in the 13-11-2018 00:44:01

    Do something productive and quit telling everyone how great it is to destroy your brains. People who have sense and care about you don’t want you to be stoned, sick, or dead. You were not created for the purpose of being high. You were created for better things than that.

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