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Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds


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What are Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds?

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa), not to be confused with the Hawaiian woodrose (Merremia tuberosa), is a perennial climbing vine, also known as Elephant Creeper and Woolly Morning Glory. Native to the Indian subcontinent and introduced to numerous areas worldwide, including Hawaii, Africa and the Caribbean, it can be invasive, although is often prized for its aesthetic value. The seeds of the plant are also used as a legal hallucinogen.


The plant is a rare example of a hallucinogenic herb, the properties of which have only recently been discovered. While its cousins in the Convolvulaceae family, such as the Rivea corymbosa (Ololiuhqui) and Ipomoea violacea (Tlitliltzin) were used in shamanic rituals of Latin America for centuries, the Hawaiian baby woodrose was not traditionally recognized as a hallucinogen. Its properties were first brought to attention in the 1960s, despite the fact that the chemical composition of its seeds is nearly identical to those of the two species mentioned above, and in fact, contain the highest concentration of psychoactive compounds in the entire family. It is still used by the poorer Hawaiians for a high.


Baby Hawaiian woodrose is a member of the Convolvulaceae family which also includes the morning glory (Ipomoea). Argyreia Nervosa grows into a huge climbing vine of great beauty and ornamental value. These 30-foot vines have large, heart-shaped leaves and clusters of 2-3" mauve flowers, which turn into attractive pods that really have the appearance of a wood rose. It is native to Asia, and naturalized and cultivated in Hawaii. Pods dry to a smooth, dark brown, filbert-sized capsule containing one to four furry brown seeds. The capsule is surrounded by a dry calyx divided into five petal-like sections. The seeds are both hallucinogenic and toxic.


Argyreia nervosa seeds contain 0.3-1 % ergot-alkaloids by weight. Ergine (d-lysergic acid amide), isoergine (l-lysergic acid amide), ergometrine, lysergol, isolysergol, elymoclavine and chanoclavine are present. 6, 7 Lysergol and elymoclavine are reduction products of d-lysergic acid. Ergot alkaloids have also been isolated from the fungal sclerotium of Claviceps purpurea.


LSD-like effects, but less intense, with fewer visuals. Effects are euphoria, extreme lassitude, changes in visual and auditory perception, emotional disturbances and synaesthesias (a phenomenon in which the senses become transmuted). Time and space perception are seriously altered.
The trip lasts 4-8 hours; tranquil feelings may last for an additional 12 hours. Sleep is deep and refreshing after the trip, however, some users may experience a hangover characterized by blurred vision, vertigo, and physical inertia.

Common side effects

Nausea, pupillary dilation, tremor, a slight rise in blood pressure and body temperature.

Medical use

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are an important part of Ayurvedic medicine in India and are still used today in various forms for various ailments. Powder of the root is given with "ghee" as an alternative; in the case of elephantiasis, the powder is given with rice water. In the case of inflammation of the joints, it is given with milk and a little castor oil. A paste of the roots made with rice water is applied over rheumatic swelling and rubbed over the body to reduce obesity. The whole plant is reported to have antiseptic properties. The leaves are antiphlogistic; they are applied over skin diseases and wounds; the silky side of the leaf is applied over tumours, boils, sores, and carbuncles; as an irritant to promote maturation and suppuration. The leaves are also used for extracting guinea worms.


Seed pods contain 4-6 seeds. Seeds are removed from pods and a fungus-like coating is scraped or flamed off. 4-8 fresh seeds are chewed (whole or extracted) on an empty stomach (to minimize nausea).

Seeds sold commercially are generally already removed from the pods. The seeds themselves resemble small chocolate chips, but are hard as rocks and have the coating mentioned above. To prepare the seeds, you don't have to remove all the shell, but just the dark-brown stuff which is loosely on the seed.

For ingestion of these seeds use the following method: grind the seeds up or crush them really well. Then soak the crushed/ground seeds in purified water for about 24 hours. After the 24 hours, strain off the seed mass from the liquid using a pantyhose, a sieve, cheesecloth, or if nothing else is available a coffee filter.

Then to dose, drink the "tea" very slowly over a period of 20-40 minutes, and either drink a small glass of water or a few large "gulps" after each sip of the "tea." This process removes the "toxins" and reduces or negates nausea sometimes associated with taking LSA containing seeds.

Some users advise to not take more than 2-3 seeds the first time. And they have to be chewed for a long time as the active substances are absorbed by the blood vessels in the mouth.


Should not be taken by people with a history of liver disorders or hepatitis. Should not be taken by pregnant women. Individuals can respond differently to the same dosage. Best is to have someone with experience with you who can act as a sitter and watch over you (and clean up the mess if you throw up). Do not drive!


Hashish or marihuana can intensify the experience and diminish nausea. Usually produces a positive feeling.


Hawaiian baby woodrose may be grown outdoors in southern California and Florida. Elsewhere it should be grown in a large pot or tub outdoors in the summer and should be brought indoors in wintertime. It may be propagated by cuttings or seeds, and in the spring by division. The seed may be sprouted by making a small nick in the seed coat away from the germ eye. Soak the seed until it swells. Plant 1/2-inch deep in loose rich soil. Do not use bottom heat. After the cotyledons appear, water sparingly, letting the soil surface dry out to a depth of 1/2-inch. Over-watering causes stem and root rot. The plant grows slowly until it develops a half-dozen leaves; after this, it grows quickly. In its first year, this plant grows into a small bush 1-2 feet tall. During this time it may be grown in a large pot and kept indoors during the winter. The next spring it will grow into a very large vine and should produce flowers and seeds. In this second year, it should be planted out, or grown in a tub. In cold-winter areas, the roots should be lifted and stored or the tub kept in a cool place until spring. The methods of increasing the alkaloid content of morning glories (which see) may be applied to this vine.

The seed pots should be harvested when thoroughly dry. They should be stored in a cool, dry place. Their potency may begin to decrease after 6-9 months.

Links / References

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  • Barbri 12-09-2007 19:32:25

    This stuff is dynamite. it's like ecstasy crossed with acid. first time I took 5 seeds followed by another 5 once I came up. it took nearly 2 1/2 hours to kick in, it lasted about 8 hours due to the double dosage (usually about 4 hours) it hits in stages, you feel incredibly horny, but at the same time you have a feeling deep down of wanting to fight, you develop a paranoia of the public, and you loose the ability to drink alcohol, you just can't sorich it. whilst waiting to come up and through out the trip, you'll be hit with severe nausea. back end of the trip is like a very mellow acid with light visuals, but it opens your mind and life's problems become clear (it doesn't solve them) the sleep is deep and you wake fresh. WARNING!!! should be kept away from idiots, it people fight on these things someone is going to get killed. I've had bad trips on these and it isn't nice, also had dud seeds, but they are so cheep you don't feel robbed. worth trying (some how legal in England) some trips have kicked in as quick as ten minutes.

  • sas 20-07-2008 16:24:28

    i am expirienced psychedelics user, but i haven't taken anything in three years. is it to much to take ten seeds of HBW?

  • James 06-09-2008 16:53:48

    Ten seeds is a perfectly fine amount, although being on the strong side. You should be fine as long as you keep from eating over 12.

  • djvine 30-01-2009 20:19:00

    it depends on the strain hawaiian are the strongest 10 is strong, indian or ghana strains u would need double to achieve same high. and putting the ground up seeds in a tea bag or coffee filter in distilled(boiled) water for 2 hours is a good method with zero nausea! providing u get no sediment or bits in water otherwise filter it well! good luck

  • PRGRM 13-02-2009 18:23:42

    ive done D.m.t,imagine going throo the death process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMIZNGLY incredible.........you aint done anything until you have done dmt.the spice must flow.....

  • PRGRM 13-02-2009 18:25:24

    ITS LIKE salvia 100x ,times infinity........
    not for the casual.....

  • Phschedelidude 07-05-2009 19:08:49

    that comment about salvia is the biggest bull i have ever heard i can tell you have definatelly nevey tried by saying that, salvia is so strong that its not even nice, my advice: restrict to spiking friends at party's its not pleasant...

  • Junior27 15-07-2009 20:57:47

    Im a first time user do i just pop about 5 seeds and chew them or do i have to clean them . I dont know so i rather ask.

  • In-finit-E 27-09-2010 10:13:52

    I'm just coming down from a trip that involved cactus tea, Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (trust me, ain't nothing babyish about the seeds lol) and the best skunk ever. I chewed four of them bad boys and it took about 45mins to kick in (I guess cos u kinda lose perception of time). I felt nauseous for the first hour. Didn't throw up though, but after that, it felt like heaven. I could see my thoughts and I could dissect light beams into single strands of rays. I felt pure...in tune with the cosmos. And it just kept getting better until I passed out...about 4 hours later, I think. I had a refreshing sleep with dreams that seemed all too real. It's 9.15am now and I feel brand new; alive! HBWR seeds ftw!!!

  • ccc 05-03-2011 16:59:28

    i took one seed while on triple cs and it made the tripp awesome

  • yoyol 21-03-2011 06:35:41

    I chewed 5 seeds, circulated the silava around my mouth for 5 minutes then spat the silava mixed with the mashed seeds out. Didnt think it would work, because it was my first time and i didnt know if the lsa would work sublingually so i went to bed .. silly me. i woke up 2 h later and was tripping quite hard. i was cold and felt like i had a fever.. the nausea sucked. but otherwise quite an interesting plants, i had some nice insights into my life, and work i have to do on myself. although i laid in bed the whole time.. sleep was only possible at 8am (took the seeds around 11pm).. what a night! the visuals were quite beautiful and different from mushroom visuals.. in conclusion i prefer mushrooms as they dont have a body load like the HBWR seeds. its an interesting plant though and i will try an extraction to reduce the nausea feeling (which brings the awareness to my body )

  • yoyol 21-03-2011 08:14:39

    following from comment above: i forgot to mention a nice side effect: i had a bad cold for the last 3 weeks, chesty cough and running nose etc.. the day after taking the seeds i realised that my cold was completly gone.. concidence? i red that HBWR have antiseptic properties.. or maybe the artificial fever killed the cold ?

  • riley09 31-05-2011 10:15:33

    On the comment above, mate I did my seeds on a real bad cold. had an extremely bad trip but the next day I still had the doggy nose but no stuffy head or body lag/tiredness total got rid of it.

  • nicenumber5 07-06-2011 05:08:53

    my first time a freind and i were out walkin' the woods and he told me ''do not swollow the pith and shells man, it'll make you sick as a dog'' so we each cramed about 13'sh (bag of 25). i swollowed them all thinking ''whatever''! about an hour and a half later i was on my knees, cold sweat, magga shakes and the dizzest most discusting painfull vomit ever. after id say 20 mins i lit a ciggarete and stood up, fell over again and had the best super shiny day in a long time :)

  • ELric 24-08-2011 10:18:15

    I took 26 and I'm on a journey. It's unexplainable.
    Much love.

  • Seedhead 07-09-2011 04:11:41

    So. Ive dabbled in a bit of weed. I want to know a few things:
    First. How do I go about prepairing it? Should I gring it up with something and put it in water or something like that or should I chew on the seed it self?
    Second, how many should I take? I have Ayurvedic H.B woodrose.
    Third, is it safe? What should I worry about pertaining to the long term effects?

    Thanks. The help is much appreciated!

  • MKED 07-11-2011 00:26:21

    I only took about 6-10 seeds (can't totally remember) but ended up in the ER. It severely constricted my blood vessels, so much so that my hands turned blue. I lost control of my motor functions and couldn't even pee. It doesn't seem to affect most people the way it did me, but for first-timers it is wise to just take a few at first and see how it is for you. Had I not gone to the hospital when I did, I probably could've ended up having a stroke because of the poor blood-flow throughout my body. Be careful whenever you take something new.

  • fotosteve 29-11-2011 19:36:55

    To MKED; It is amazing you mentioned is situation. I just recently may have experienced the same effects on a smaller scale. I have been around the spiritual enhancing world awhile. But darn it I had to try this. Hawiaan Woodrose seeds(8) soaked in 151 rum over 24 hours. Got no effects, no nausea, nothing. Three days later tryed 300 hundred MG heavenly Blue. Same results. After a few days I started feeling numbness in my hands. It's been a month and the numbness comes and goes but I experience it everday. I feel if I got no effects, I got no chemical. But yet the numbness is real; and of course I haven't gone to a doctor yet. Very soon. Thanks for reading.

  • fotosteve 29-11-2011 19:39:27

    By the way, the seeds were pulverized and processes were followed

  • Chillybean 14-05-2013 05:27:50

    I took around 4 on my first time with a friend in the school library. I felt like a god the whole day. The nausea didn't get to me much. The second time, I took 6. I lost some of my motor control and threw stuff and ran into a couple walls.. about a half an hour into the high I felt like I was going to die. I laid down and began talking to myself. I felt all the color go out of my body and I threw up for about ten minutes. I blacked out and had the best sleep of my life. Can't do them anymore though. I get too sick.

  • Guinness 10-09-2013 03:18:58

    I was introduced to this stuff back in 1968 by a friend. He bought an entire bag of pods from the Hyde Street Florist in San Francisco for only $2.49. I swallowed 10 seeds. Later on we had to drive over to Oakland and back, and I don't remember the trip.

  • troyboyny7 19-09-2013 16:31:16

    is there an all natural way to extract lsa from hbwr, morning glory, datura, nutmeg, and mix it with thc extract?? its bad enough to take this stuff knowing it might hurt you real bad but to extract you need to add more deadly chems!!! how did they extract 500 years ago????

  • BlissfulSleep 06-10-2013 16:06:40

    I ate 15 seeds last night - that was too much. The vasoconstriction was so extensive that I felt and looked like a melted playdough doll. The LSA itself was wonderful, but the side effects at this dosage were too much for me to handle with enjoyment (and I have a pretty open mind lol)

    Play it safe with these and don't be impatient like I was. I took as many as I did because I thought my seeds weren't potent enough, I had eaten up to 9 in the past and didn't notice very powerful effects. Take your time and work your way up in dosage gradually!

    LSA has an interesting profile, an experience marked with the duality of feeling both great and horrid simultaneously. BE CAREFUL! I could have wound up in a hospital - I was very near dialing 911.

  • J 10-10-2013 12:02:15

    I took 8 seeds once when I was Drunk, I passed out and woke up the next morning, I did trip the next day I phoned a friend it sounded like he was talking to me but it was the ringing that made it sound like that.

    I felt dreamy, and I was a bit mind f*cked during the day, but I felt great besides the hangover.

    If you feel sick, throw up your body doesn't like whats in the seed coat. By the way it is the plants defense mechanism to protect its species further life so animals don't eat the seeds. Have respect for these guys. Never underestimate the power of Nature.

  • J 10-10-2013 12:09:37

    LSA is killed by light, heat, and tap water, the LSA is inside the actual seed. Just FYI

    Morning Glory Seeds, eat them fresh from the pods, you need about 100 pods = +- 300 fresh wet seeds to be taken out of pods, i'm talking about MG Heavenly Blue now. you will trip hard. Orange Juice will amplify the trip and help with the nausea.

    Dont eat for about 6 hours before you do this it will delay your trip and make you feel really sick.

    Dont mix with Cocaine it will make you have a very bad trip.

  • J 10-10-2013 12:17:51

    And once again, do in depth research before you put any botanical into your body. Everybody is different, if you have any medical condition rather make sure it wont kill you.

    Your Parents do worry so make sure you don't do anything stupid. And don't take more than the recommended dose.

    If you have blood in your stools the next day, its ok that's the seed coats working their protective magic.

    Never underestimate the power of Nature these things can very due to location grown, freshness of seeds, growing medium health of the mother plant all sorts of things.

    BIG WARNING: If you dont know what you are doing rather get advice, there are allot of places you can get advice from on the net.

  • sophi 07-01-2014 19:14:26

    We crushed over 10 seeds and put them into a tea bag stewed in water for over an hour then shared between 4 people. took us 10-40 minutes to enter a euphoric state. visuals were mild yet gave us a great feeling. paranoia hit one of us and he couldn't talk to the group but for the most part was a good experience all round. we mixed cocaine and weed and the feeling only improved. next day was slightly trippy too. Key for a good trip is loads of blankets and a cosy vibe with people you trust. weed is a great addition. Need to give yourself a whole day/night to do them as trip can last a while. id say avoid doing them in a rave or club

  • Willow 05-08-2015 16:53:19

    Hello everyone :-)
    Anyone know anything about doing these seeds on a new moon? Also is day or night better to take?
    The girl that gave me them said to take 2 alone on the night of the new moon but cant find any other info on this. I have taken aya and san pedro so I should be okay taking alone?
    My plan was to go deep into nature with a tent and some food and take them but now im wondering if day te would be better incasei start to freak myself out in the depts of darkness! I am doing an aya ceremony at the end of August would anyone recommend taking the baby woodrose before or after? I dont want anything messing my aya up :-)
    Any info would be greatly received.

  • Hey 20-12-2016 23:53:47

    Do people shoot this up? My friend prepares them but then o saw large syringes.

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