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I finished exams today early at 11:00 am so I went home and grinded 250 morning glory seeds(heavenly blue). I didn't pulverize them completely thought and then I mixed them with some vodka and stired in a mixer for about 20 minutes then added orange juice and drank the whole thing in one gulp at about 1:30(I honestlly don't know what I was thinking exactly). 10 minutes later I got a stomach cramp and at about half an hour I puked my guts out. The nausea was terrible. I started tripping slightly but it went away really quick and I was left with the nausea. I still have a light stomach ache and it is 4:57 am. Anyway, so at 4:00 pm I took a green-e pill from happy-capps with 10mg of ephedra and some other stuff because I was feeling real bad and it helped a little. I managed to sleep at 6:00pm for three and a half hours and then took three more pills (green-e). Your supposed to take 1 per 24 hours but I have tollerance. I didn't really feel anything until 10:00 pm when I started sweating and pacing up and down so at 12:00 am I went out for a drink and had a 2 vodkas with some friends. When I came back I was pretty ok but decided to have a smoke before sleep. I rolled up a joint at 2:00 am and then it hit me. At first I started to get a typical cannabis high but then the ephedra got in, I think, and I have so much energy that I can't sleep. It's a really good state because I have too much energy (a steady heartbeat about 87) and I am totaly stoned having smoked my third joint at 5:22 am (LOL it took me 26 minutes to write a couple of sentences). The only problem is that I have nowere to go, and that I am sitting infront of the computer in the living room, my wife is sleeping in the bedroom and I still have exams tommorrow morning:)....................5:33 am................rolling......

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