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With the Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch, fire-power will be at the tip of your fingers. Whether you need to heat up a dab rig or make crème brulè.
With these practical and efficient Higher Standards Dot Wipes cleaning and maintaining your vaping and smoking devices has never been easier.
1 piece - $13.87
Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz are soft bristled, flexible pipe cleaners, ideal for the maintenance of the precious glass components of your smoking or vaping devices.
1 piece - $6.94
With Higher Standard's Pipe Stix you have a two-in-one cleaning solution to keep all your favourite smoking and vaping devices in premium state.
1 piece - $6.94
Why compromise the flavour of your flowers with dirty glassware? For a thorough clean of the toughest buildup on your bong, pipe or dab-rig, Higher Standards Salt Rox is the…
1 piece - $11.56
Reliable and refillable, the legendary Zippo receives a modern look in this Higher Standards Zippo Lighter.

This product is out of stock.

Smoke in style with this heavy crystal ashtray by Higher Standards.
1 piece - $69.36
Higher Standards presents one of the most elegant, discreet and convenient smoking units, always ready to deliver instant hits: the Glass Taster
Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips offer a filtered and more pleasant smoking session.
1 piece - $18.50
A new rival in the battle of glass water pipes has arrived. The solid and pure glass of Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker is ready to give you dense and…
1 piece - $184.97
The Higher Standards snapback cap with American flag logo protects you against the sun in a super cool way.
1 piece - $28.90
Clean without making a mess and reach all the corners of your water pipe or rig with these practical Higher Standards tube tops silicone stoppers.
1 piece - $11.56
You've given up tobacco, but you still want to enjoy smoking a blunt? Higher Standards Premium Hemp Wraps offers the perfect solution for a classy, tasty and slow-burning smoking experience.
1 piece - $40.46

This product is out of stock.

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