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This medium-sized glass Gandalf pipe is easier to take with you on quests through Middle Earth, or the neighbourhood.
Colour changing - $39.18
Classic Red Eye glass spoon pipe with a design that has proven to get you high in all situations. Made of eye-catching iridescent glass.
1 piece - $18.17
Sherlock pipe with an especially Eye-catching design: The Eye See What You Did There pipe is tailored made for gentlemen (and women) who dare to be different. As we all…
1 piece - $61.89

This product is out of stock.

The 7 mm thick glass in this bong is infused with metal ions which makes it change colour the more you use it. A thorough cleaning will reset the effect.
1 piece - $61.89
In 1908 a large meteoroid struck Siberia, the largest impact on the Earth in recorded history. Officially no meteor fragments were recovered. Unofficially we can tell you this Extraterrestrial Spike…
1 piece - $39.18
A small glass pipe by Red Eye featuring a flower on the pipe head and a twist inside the stem. Stand by to jump into Floral Warp space and explore…
1 piece - $33.50

This product is out of stock.

You may have used mushrooms in your life, but did you ever smoke from one? This pocket pipe presents you with the perfect opportunity to try.
There are many treasures of the Third Age, but few are more coveted than the pipe of the legendary wizard Gandalf the White. Some magic still dwells within the glass;…
Forged during a freak blizzard in the coldest fires of the Antarctic by expert penguin artisans, the Icy Bat one-hitter is sure to grace your lungs with the coolest toke…
1 piece - $9.65
Do you know the stoner expression "smoking a pickle"? You will soon enough, thanks to this fun glass pipe by Red Eye.
1 piece - $24.42
This glass pipe is small, but it has mythical qualities. Let the waves carry you far across the sea, into mythical realms.
For those smokers who want to solve eccentric problems like the meaning of life or spooky action at a distance, we give you the colourful glass Sherlock Solid pipe.
Classic 12 cm Spoon pipes in various colours with built in Ash Catcher, easy to take with you and durable enough to withstand the turmoil that is a smoker’s life.
A legendary pipe made for heroic crime-fighters. Small enough to take with you and enjoy in between preventing a bank robbery and foiling an evil mastermind's schemes.
1 piece - $22.15

This product is out of stock.

The silicone dab station by Red Eye Tek is the most convenient way of storing your dabbing material. Contains seven chambers and multiple dab stations can be stacked on top…
1 piece - $21.01
Jah Sherlock is gonna solve the case of the missing ganja shipment with some puffs on his glass Rasta Stripe pipe.
1 piece - $31.23
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