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Santa Cruz Shredder large (2 parts)

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Looking for a top-quality grinder that grinds huge quantities of herb in a matter of seconds? The Santa Cruz Shredder is your perfect match! 

Produced in Santa Cruz, USA (great place for surfing, by the way), the Santa Cruz Shredder is completely made of strong, scratchproof anodized aluminium. With its razor-sharp teeth, positioned in a unique, innovative pattern, designed to optimally grind your bud, the Shredder will efficiently grind your favourite herb in no-time. The top part is secured with plastic a ring, that makes for an amazingly smooth grinding experience. The lid is kept tightly into place by a strong magnet.  

The Santa Cruz Shredder is so efficient, strong and durable - it might just be the last grinder you'll ever have to buy.

Diameter: 7 cm

Prefer a grinder with a pollen screen? Try the 4-piece Santa Cruz Shredder!

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    Deze grinder koop je één keer in je leven... top-notch kwaliteit aluminium! De grinder heeft de perfecte afmetingen om met gemak twee gram met één draai te vermalen. Uitermate geschikt voor supercompacte kleverige sativa toppen. Ik gebruik deze large uitvoering voor m'n laatste avondjoint waar vaak bijna twee gram ingaat. Ik ga ook nog de medium kopen voor m'n overdag jointjes 😁

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    Material: Metal
    Pieces: 2-part