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Banger glass quartz (90 degrees)

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Product information

A glass quartz banger makes any water tool, rig or bong with a vertical entry ready for dabs or oils. Meaning, you will get extremely high.

These quartz bangers with a 90° angle are made of robust quartz glass with a clear, polished standard grinding. Quartz glass retains the heat better and longer. A quartz glass banger is a great alternative to titanium versions as many users find the material brings out the full experience of cannabis terpenes. In other words, you get to experience the complete flavour of your concentrate or oil. Quartz is generally more durable than glass or ceramic nails and makes it almost impossible to overheat your material.

Important: Only heat the banger at the pan. The standard grinding of the bong can break as a result of the expansion of the material.

Quartz banger sizes

Available in different sizes, please check if you need a male or female fit.

  • Length 18.8 mm female: 7.3 cm
  • Length 14.5 mm female: 6.8 cm
  • Length 18.8 mm male: 6.9 cm
  • Length 14.5 mm male: 6.3 cm

How to use a quartz glass banger?

Put the banger on the bong, heat the oil pan red hot with a burner or torch lighter, let it cool off for a short time, then put some oil or wax into the pan with a dab tool or spoon and take a hit while smoke develops.

How to clean a glass quartz banger?

At lower temperatures, the quartz banger will have almost no discolouration. After use, the banger can be easily cleaned with a cotton swab.


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15964 female 18.8 mm

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