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Electronic cigarettes | E-cigarette

The electronic cigarette or E-cigarette is similar to regular cigarettes in several ways, but doesn’t contain any tobacco, is less harmful to you and bystanders and up to 50% cheaper.

But what are electric cigarettes exactly? Basically it’s a replacement for the traditional cigarette, looking remarkably close to the real thing, with same size and feel. The E-cigarette consists of two parts: the brown filter part of the E-smoking cigarette is a cartridge that’s attached to the white part, which serves as the battery. When you inhale, the electric vaporizer inside the battery is triggered and will start vaporizing the liquid inside the cartridge, releasing a cloud of vapour. You can even ‘blow smoke’, simulating the real thing.

The smoke is just clean vapour, instead of combusted tobacco with the harmful products such as tar and carbon monoxide. You can choose from several refill cartridges with different tastes and levels of nicotine. If you want to quit smoking, you can gradually work your way up to a nicotine free version.



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