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Extractions have become a runaway success thanks to clever systems like the Honey Bee and Ice-o-Lator. These simple or high-tech devices are a must-have for anyone who wants to get the best out of their harvest.

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Making edibles becomes foolproof thanks to the amazing MagicalButter MB2e machine. Get ready for a career as a cannacook.
1 piece - $198.82
Make your own oil concentrate with the glass lab chic of EHLE.
That’s a nice wooden box on your desktop. Open the lid and marvel at those buds, as fresh as the day they were picked and cured.
green (small) - $167.54

This product is out of stock.

Replacement filter for the Honey Bee Extractor.
10 pieces - $3.01$1.51
Don't forget to decarboxylate your cannabis before making an infusion. With the DecarBox you'll get to most out of your stash.
1 piece - $42.13
Let your fantasy go wild while making cannabis-infused gummies, chocolate and candy. The MagicalButter Eat to Treat gummy tray provides an easy form for beautifully shaped gummies.
1 piece - $19.89
Adapt the straining of your cannabis infusion with this filter kit which includes three different types of filters and a silicone LoveGlove to keep your hands clean.
1 piece - $36.10
Handle all your edible MagicalButter creations with care using the LoveGlove.
1 piece - $15.61
Nobody likes a kitchen full of sticky dough. These baking mats ensure a super clean cooking experience with the MagicalButter machine.
1 piece - $18.02
Use the MagicalButter butter tray to make perfect chunks of edible goodness. Easy to use, easy to clean.
1 piece - $19.89
Here's the candyman specialized in green gummies and other goodness straight out of the MagicalButter machine.
Who doesn't want to leave their mark? We're all imprinting each other anyway! 
Broken your frit while doing extractions? We've all been there. This replacement kit for the EHLE-x-Trakt takes care of any deterioration.
1 piece - $15.07$7.53
“Take the best weed you ever had. Multiply it by a thousand and you’re still nowhere near it.” That's rosin right there for you.
20 x 50 mm - 50μ - $6.63
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