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Rosin Flat Iron (Black Leaf)

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Rosin! Rosin! Rosin! Rosin! Rosin!

What do we want?

Rosin! Rosin! Rosin! Rosin! Rosin!

When do we want it! NOW!

The strike is over, with the Rosin Flat Iron from Black Leaf. Make your own Rosin easily. The Rosin technique is a good one with no chemical solvents required, just heat and pressure.

All you need is four things:

  • Weed or hash
  • Cooking paper or parchment paper
  • A dabbing/scraping tool
  • Rosin Flat Iron by Black Leaf

Rosin Recipe:

STEP 1:</strong >Turn on your Rosin Flat Iron to the lowest setting, cut yourself a small piece of cooking paper. Fold it in half and place your weed or hash in between the folded cooking paper before giving it a light finger press.

STEP 2: Carefully put the paper with the buds inside into your Rosin Flat Iron and apply a very firm pressure for about 3-7 seconds. You will want to hear a sizzle before you remove the pressure - the sizzle indicates that the resin has melted from the plant material.

STEP 3: Remove your sample from the hot surface and unfold the cooking paper. Now take the flattened nug away and use your dabbing/scraping tool to gather your rosin. This is a very sticky process so be patient and careful.

Now load a nice fat dab of your fresh new rosin to celebrate, you are about to be as stoned as the first time you tried weed.

The perfect pair for your rosin escapades is the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter.

Temperature range: 50°C - 243°C

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