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Ice-O-Lator Small extra bags

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Ice-O-Lator Small extra bags $25.88 $46.01

Supersize 90 mc × 1

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Product information

Part of the original water and ice bag system.

The Mini bag (38 mc) will catch the finest glands where the ratio cellulose vs. active ingredients is still worth it. This bag makes an excellent addition to your existing Small Ice-O-Lator, giving the lowest possible loss of glands. You use this bag to filter the water you'd normally throw away after Ice-O-Lating.

The Supersize bag (90 mc) will only catch the biggest glands, thus containing the least amount of cellulose, but the highest amount of active ingredients. This bag makes an excellent addition to your existing Small Ice-O-Lator, giving you an extra quality category. First, you Ice-O-Late using this bag as the outer bag instead of the one supplied with the Small Ice-O-Lator system. Then you use the same water to Ice-O-Late with the normal outer bag.

These products are only useful if you already own an original Ice-O-Lator Small (indoor or outdoor).

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5186 Supersize 90 mc

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