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As the name implies, a grinder is a device made to grind herbs and spices into smaller bits. It can be used for all kinds of herbs but these ones particularly excel at grinding cannabis buds into more manageable powder, which you can then add to a joint, bong or vaporizer.

If you're a big fan of the green gold, you'll definitely want to order a reliable grinder. Azarius has you covered with a selection of razor sharp metal, vintage wooden and colourful plastic grinders. We're confident you'll find a grinder you can fall in love with in our online headshop!

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Transparent herb grinder in cheerful rasta colours with magnetized lid. The perfect pocket grinder! Diameter: 60 mm.
1 piece - $3.59$1.80
Striking yellow acryl grinder for heads that want to keep things simple.
1 piece - $3.59$1.80
The latest innovation in grinding technology. A grinder card is extreme lightweight and small - no bigger than a credit card. Available in various designs.
Transport herb from grinder to vape? Fight spillage with this handy funnel.
1 piece - $9.13
Gold grinders are one of the best investments around. Sadly this one is really made of metal. But it does possess a high bling bling factor.
1 piece - $17.65$8.82
An air tight grinder and storage, made of military grade plastic. A winning combination for every practical lover of weed.
A grinder and storage in one. Air tight too, perfection.
Luxurious small sized grinder with beautiful wooden details by Marley Natural just loves to get a hold of your cannabis.
1 piece - $97.37
High-end grinder with beautiful wooden details by Marley Natural lets you grind enough weed for all your friends.
1 piece - $170.40
The OTTO grinder by banana bros. grinds your weed electronically and fills up to 30 cones. You just have to smoke them.
1 piece - $155.80
The Quick Grinder V3 features a sophisticated emptying system, special closing joint and a smart positioning of the needles with different angles for better performance.
The polyethylene ring is an spare part for the Original Quick Grinder. The ring helps keep the Quick Grinder pieces together, as well as allowing its grinding motion.
1 piece - $3.04
The Quick Grinder V3 is a tough grinder, but after a thorough cleaning you might be missing one or more components. This kit contains several spare parts to make your…
1 piece - $17.65
Show off your amazing sense of style with this beautiful handmade grinder.
1 piece - $21.30
Super sharp and extremely durable. You'll be grinding mountains of weed with this 3-part Santa Cruz Shredder.

This product is out of stock.

The Vogue Spray presents a new take on the trusty Santa Cruz shredder. It only needs your homegrown for some smooth action.

This product is out of stock.

This huge, effective, razor-sharp grinder will satisfy the needs of any avid stoner.
So you want a grinder that's totally next level? Try this monster that's rightfully called "Shredder".

This product is out of stock.

The efficient, durable Shredder truly is a lean, mean grinding machine!

This product is out of stock.

In Santa Cruz, they know what to do with their bud. This practically unbreakable grinder with kief-catch will quickly, smoothly and efficiently grind your herb.
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