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Metal grinders

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Very robust metal grinders with razor-sharp teeth, ready to tear up anything you throw in there. Please use this awesome destructive power responsibly.

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Pokémon, gotta catch 'em all! And perhaps keep them in one of these colourful Poké Ball grinders made of metal.
Small metal grinder adorned with a cannabis leaf specially designed to celebrate 20 years of Azarius.
1 piece - $5.13$4.56
Are the screens and O-rings of your Cali Crusher Pocket all stressed? No need to buy a new grinder if you can simply replace them.
1 piece - $16.53
Are the screens and O-rings of your Cali Crusher Standard all stressed? No need to buy a new grinder if you can simply replace them.
1 piece - $16.53
Too stoned to twist a regular grinder? Meet the very effective electric grinder.
Gently caress your weed instead of shredding it to pieces. Really? The masher grinder does just that. Bonus: no more cutting your fingers on teeth.
Cali Crusher Homegrown presents the ultimate four-piece grinder. Made from nearly indestructible aerospace aluminium and with numerous quality of life improvements to the classic grinder design.
Cali Crusher Homegrown presents the ultimate two-piece grinder. It grinds effortlessly and is built to last.
The Cali Crusher pollinator grinder is the absolute best grinder money can buy. It shreds with ease and is made from top-of-the-line materials for extreme durability.
The latest innovation in grinding technology. A grinder card is extreme lightweight and small - no bigger than a credit card. Available in various designs.
“I find your lack of faith in the power of ground weed disturbing.” So let Darth Vader be your guide to the green side of The Force.
1 piece - $10.83

This product is out of stock.

This beautiful designed metal pollinator grinder features three compartments and a magnetic lid. With a two stage filtering system this grinder separates the pollen crystals by allowing them to fall…
1 piece - $22.22
Transport herb from grinder to vape? Fight spillage with this handy funnel.
1 piece - $8.55
Gold grinders are one of the best investments around. Sadly this one is really made of metal. But it does possess a high bling bling factor.
1 piece - $16.53
Grind your herbs like a good cup of coffee with this 4-part metal grinder.
Robust metal grinder with very effective diamond teeth and an oily colour scheme that should be able to hypnotize you after a joint or two.
1 piece - $14.25$11.40
The Royal Queen Seeds Embossed Metal Grinder looks like a million bucks. But the best thing is that it performs as good as it looks.
1 piece - $17.10
A good grinder is a must-have. With the Royal Queen Seeds Engraved Metal Grinder, you will get a first-class grinder that won’t disappoint.
1 piece - $14.25
The Royal Queen Seeds Mill grinder has a clear top and hand crank mechanism. Perfect for milling your herbs in a hurry.
1 piece - $17.10
Luxury black grinder by New Vape that produces a coarse grind.
1 piece - $78.64
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