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Original Quick Grinder V3

9514 Quick Grinder

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The Quick Grinder V3 consists of three movable parts (button, springs and plate) and two non-movable ones (body and prongs). It has a special emptying feature, that makes its use very practical. All the components are made of Inox steel and the whole mechanism can be opened up with the use of a simple screwdriver.

The grinder also includes a polythene joint that assures a fit closing, prevents that the crushing machine opens accidentally and improves the rotation of the bodies when they touch.

The disposition of the prongs in the Quick Grinder allows to obtain finer crushing with less effort. A part of the crushing machine has the prongs each 45º and the other, each 30º, which assures that there are never are more than 4 pairs of prongs simultaneously used.


  • The only (and only) original Quick Grinder
  • Weight: 128 g
  • Material: High quality aluminum anodized 7075 (main body), polyethylene (Closing Joint) and stainless steel (other components).
  • Features: System evacuation and closure joint anti-friction.
  • Dimensions:45 mm x 51 mm x 33 mm (W x L x H).

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Material: Metal
Pieces: 2-part