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Wooden grinders - Beautiful grinders with cool designs

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Beautiful wooden grinders with metal pins.

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Transport herb from grinder to vape? Fight spillage with this handy funnel.
1 piece - $8.52
The finishing grinder creates the type of micro-fine grind ideal for use in the Launch Box. Available in Maple, Cherry and Walnut style.

This product is out of stock.

Grind your weed the organic way with this beautiful 4-part grinder by Ryot. Also collects pollen for hobby projects.
1 piece - $44.86
This cool eye-shaped grinder will make sure to remind you of how your eyes will look when you're done with your herbs.
1 piece - $19.87
This beautiful, hand-crafted grinder is more than just a pretty face. It's a super reliable tool to effectively grind your favourite herb.
1 piece - $19.87
Show off your amazing sense of style with this beautiful handmade grinder.
1 piece - $19.87
Want to effectively grind your herb, and look super fancy whilst doing so? Try this beautiful wooden grinder.
1 piece - $19.87
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