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Chillum stone

Chillum stone

4042 Azarius

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Filters to put into a small chillum, made from soap stone. Comes in a pack of three.


These stone filters are easily put into a chillum, with the smoking goods on top of them.


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een vraagje, passen deze steentjes hierin:

[ Azarius: Nee, helaas niet]


J'aurai voulu savoir les dimensions des filtres.


well this chillum stones do have a disadvantage if you ask me. you see the hole in the middle right? well its actually too large for my liking some of my tabaco and hash fall through it and i don't have any intentions in eating it just smoking it.

anyhow ppl light the chillum see if you find the right combo of stones and chillum and go for it its a really fun expierence if you smoke it like you should (youtube if you want to see it).

boom shankar


hehe a pedra é para ser incorporada na cabeça do chillum, torna o fumo mais suave e o chillum mais "limpo" ;) *peace*


HomEm VerdE, HomEm VerdE... a carochinha diz-te :)... se reparares, estas pedrinhas de sabão têm o formato da entrada do cachimbo onde pões a sopa né? Pois, encaixas lá a cena e tudo sabe melhor e mais suave :)... é veludo HomEm VerdE :)...


Não sei usar isto?!

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