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Glass is naturally attractive and alluring to the eye. Glass is also tasteless, odourless and doesn't impart any other impurities into the smoke. We offer a range of high quality glass smoking pipes with tantalizing designs and a plethora of colours. If you want to stand out in a crowd, you certainly can with this selection of glass pipes.

For an extra fun smoking experience, check out the colour changing glass pipes. While smoking the glass takes on different colours. One thorough cleansing later and you can watch it all unfold again!

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A legendary pipe made for heroic crime-fighters. Small enough to take with you and enjoy in between preventing a bank robbery and foiling an evil mastermind's schemes.
1 piece - $22.25
This great product is designed by activist and vaporizer pioneer Eagle Bill to make vaporization available to everyone. This simple glass pipe makes vaporizing easy and mobile.
1 piece - $16.54
A versatile little glass pipe. Suitable as pipe for herbs when the flame is sucked in from the top, but when heated from below it doubles as a vaporizer for…
1 piece - $3.99
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