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Metal smoking pipes

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Azarius has a wide range of metallic smoking pipes in different sizes and colours. Despite what you may think, these pipes are lightweight and can be carried around in your pocket with ease. Most metal pipes feature a removable pipe head which makes cleaning them a piece of cake.

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The original Bud bomb is a metal pipe with a unique design. It's slender form allows the smoke to cool for the perfect hit. Easy to clean afterwards.
1 piece - $39.21

This product is out of stock.

Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often, so if you feel addressed by this little comment we strongly advise that you help yourself to a little shock…
Surprise - $2.84
Nice iron mushrooms key ring which you can transform into a smoking pipe. Size: 9.5 cm.
Pipe made from wood and metal, with carbon filters for a somewhat healthier smoking experience.
1 piece - $10.80

This wonderful, one-of-a-kind device can best be described as a blunt without blunt wrap.

1 piece - $27.84
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