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Wooden smoking pipes | Ebony pipes

Back to basics! Did you know some of the very first smoking pipes were made of wood? Before people were able to process metals or glass, they had to go with what was readily available in nature and made pipes out of various types of wood or used bamboo.

The wooden pipes in the Azarius headshop are a little more refined than a hollowed piece of wood, but nonetheless have a greater connection to Mother Earth and a much more vintage feel than any other material.


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Corleone pipes filters for your wooden smoking pipe. It's important to replace the filter in your wooden smoking pipe to keep it fresh.
Think you're a wiseguy? This pipe sure would make it evident. Come on, no one could look like anything but a gangster with this accessory.
Genuine hardwood Goodfellas smoking pipe for a criminally good smoke. Evokes the sensation of being a socially sophisticated crime boss.
A vintage style hardwood pipe named after hitman 'Bugsy' Siegel, with embossed pattern around the bowl. Note: only befits people as handsome and charismatic as Bugsy.
Did the famous boss of the most powerful crime family actually smoke from this very pipe? Perhaps not, but this genuine hardwood pipe nevertheless suits goodfellas, wise guys and godfathers…
Italian mobster Charles Luciano may not have smoked from this exact pipe, but we're sure he would have, if given the choice. The perfect pipe to sit back, smoke tobacco…
Handmade smoking pipe with a luxurious, gentlemanly feel. They say crime doesn't pay, but this pipe is a steal.
Feel like the commander of the neighbourhood with this slick wooden smoking device. A classic model pipe with slight hexagon bended tube.
A truly distinguished hardwood pipe for a smoking sir, named after American gangster James Burke, also knows as Jimmy 'The Gent'.
Mafioso Joseph 'Bananas' Bonanno became the boss of the Bonanno crime family. This hardwood pipe with large bowl certainly befits someone of such standing.
Retro hardwood tobacco pipe to enjoy a smoke like a sir. This Goodfellas pipe is named after the real-life mobster John Gotti, also known as ‘Teflon Don’, a member of…
Vintage-style hardwood pipe with a slight bend in the stem, as used by the real life gangster Leo ‘Lips’ Moceri.
Sit and contemplate your days of being a straight up gangster, with this beautiful, authentic GoodFellas 'Fat Sally' tobacco pipe.
Robust handmade hardwood pipe for a strong tobacco smoke. Just like Sammy 'The Bull' liked it. What it lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in pure badassness.
A gorgeous mobster deserves a gorgeous pipe and the handmade Vinny Basciano hardwood pipe by Goodfellas is certainly to kill for. A timeless and elegant classic.
Handmade wooden pipe for all lovers of fairy-tales.
Handmade wooden pipe for lovers of nature, mushrooms and fairy-tales.
Classic thin wooden pipe in Moroccan style with tasteful leather case.
Handmade wooden pipe shaped like an elephant.

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Small, handy pipe (12 cm) made out of high quality ebony heartwood. Ebony is one of the most intensely black woods known, with a fine and smoothly polished texture.
Very handy wooden pipes in 4 different designs. From left to right; Swing, Spirit, Spiral (background) and
Flat (in front).
Very handy and cool looking wooden pocket pipes. A great pipe for parties and festivals.
Very hip and cool looking wooden pipes. Small, lightweight and handy. Easy to take everywhere.
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